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Gamification to improve myself

I had Gamified my life about 4 months ago. Here is what I do:

Whenever I sit down to study or some other productive/good activity (ex. making this post), I start a stopwatch in my mobile. I get 10 points for each hour of productive work i.e., 0.5 for each 3 minutes. Prior to Gamification of my life I was lazy to the extent that I didn't use to brush my teeth for days and took bath fourth nightly. So, Brushing-5, Bathing-10 Each short activity that I do (ex., sending an email to an instructor) gives me 2 points. Bonus for brushing teeth, bathing everyday in the week - 20 How do I spend it? 1. Watching a Movie - 50 2. Watching an Episode from a series - 20 3. Spending Money - 1 point per unit of money spent (Rupee in my Counrty).

If you gamify your life, how would it be?

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Sounds like it would be unproductive and tiring just to keep track of all that. If you want to enjoy tracking how much productive behavior you put in a day, try the Pomodoro technique? –  Muz Sep 20 '12 at 8:16
This really a good fit question - very subjective, but have closed as it is a near duplicate of a more suitable gamification question. –  Rory Alsop Sep 20 '12 at 22:29
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I have been using https://chains.cc/ on desktop and Mychains on Andriod, what I love about Mychains is that I can set rewards for myself for small completions.

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As I'm obsessed with achievements / trophies...

I like to set achievements, I wrote a little web page just for myself where I can set bronze, silver and gold achievements / trophies that I can unlock when a certain task is completed.

This is more of a discussion question really.

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