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I use personal kanban. On my board I have priority stickies (i.e. red, yellow, green). My backlog fills up pretty quick with tasks. My issue is keeping the time sensitive backlogged tasks appropriately prioritized through my todo, today, and doing columns.

Has anyone found a good solution to this problem?

Right now I associate ID's to my tasks I put on my board and in outlook I create an outlook task with that ID (and description) then put in reminders on dates as they approach for those time sensitive tasks. This seems to work ok, looking to see if others have better ways.

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3 Answers

Have a look at my Portable Kanban application. It changes card color when due date is coming. Very well noticeable.

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I use https://kanbanflow.com/ + "Due-Date" feature on tasks. It supports date and time up to minutes.

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So my understanding of the Kanban system is that it's almost exactly designed for time-sensitive tasks - I'm not entirely sure how I'd go about using it for non-time,sensitive tasks

In any case - I suspect that the things you want to look at for electronic Kanban boards include -

...and I hope that helps - I suspect this answer may evolve a little though...

Source: http://stc.fs.cvut.cz/History/2008/Sbornik/D1/Marikova_Olga_12138.pdf

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