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I have found myself get emotionally worked up on news reporting and would highly prefer to avoid news altogether as this heavily impacts my ability to work productively. For work reasons however there is a need to stay up to date with news events.

I have looked into the Economist (which while often well researched also features a load of opinion and fear mongering), Janes (which unfortunately has reduced itself to military intelligence reports) and Stratfor.

What other potential sources of plain news (definition below) are there?

Plain News:

  • Free of charge or paid
  • No narration
  • No opinion pieces
  • No dramatization
  • "Boring" facts, numbers and backgrounds
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What kind of news do you need to know about for work reasons? – Christian Sep 22 '12 at 20:39
Something new is - I find it pretty factual. – Raystafarian Oct 7 '14 at 13:22
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Wikinews is surprisingly solid - the nature of the editing process means that anything that can't be absolutely defended is scrapped... Otherwise I use the BBC.

EDIT - might be a little UK focused, but the office for national statistics have a column in the Guardian: also for numbers-heavy stuff, is very numbery

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I would choose either

and then just set up the kind of news you are searching for via keywords and search operators. In your case you should use the minus operator a lot to rule out commentarys, yellow press etc.

Take a look at other possible operators

Yahoo Pipes gives you the chance to subscribe to feeds and rule out by self created rules distinct news.

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Some news sources put an upbeat spin on things, at least for headlines. Try

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