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What is the basic difference between these three:

  1. Task Manager
  2. GTD Task Manager
  3. To-do List

As I think, all of them are the same thing, at least (1) and (2) are.

And the only difference between (3) and the other would be in the form - whether on a paper or an app, what is the interface of the app and stuff like that.

Am I right? If I am wrong, can someone give me examples of something that falls under one of them but not the other two?

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A task manager tailored to GTD will usually emphasize next actions, contexts, a weekly review and a project list, among other things. A Task Manager may or may not have support for these workflows, and even if it has may not emphasize it in a way that's easy and straightforward to use (e.g. locating projects without next actions)

If you don't know or use GTD, then any to-do list will probably fill your needs.

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