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Often I find myself stuck in endless navigation on my phone. I just want to check if I received a message, or doing some basic research, and without noticing it I jump from link to link (or spending time refreshing the same page in the wait). I would like an app that, whenever you turn on wifi or 3g, asks you why are you going on the internet and how long will you need it. Then it should disconnect you when the time you set or the daily limit has expired. Does an app like this exist? Would you like to implement one?

Of course I appreciate any other suggestion: methods to block Internet connectivity, methods to block specific sites, or methods just to block the browser and facebook messenger. Just I don't want to dismiss my 3G plan, since sometimes I really need mobile internet (e.g. navigation). Anyway, I would still have WiFi at home and I can't turn it off since I am not the only one using it. Another restriction is that I use Opera Mini browser (any other browser takes ages to load on my phone). I think that there aren't extensions like Leechblock or Stayfocusd in this case... My phone is a rooted Android Gingerbread.

So far I've tried:

  • Rescuetime: I wasn't satisfied with the tracking, because it tracked also Messenger running in background, even when I was not chatting
  • Timerrific: I set to switch on/off wifi at certain hours, but it's just too easy to switch wifi on again. Switching off 3g (changing APN) was only in the paid version
  • Parental control apps: had a look but never installed any of them, because they were too expensive and made use of their own browser
  • KeepFocus : at first sight it looked very good, but on my phone most of the time it just wouldnt load. I uninstalled it when it loaded and started to crash and load itself again in loop (I can't exclude it was my fault, maybe I tried some conflicting settings, anyway it never worked properly)
  • Self Control: it blocks the access to selected apps (like browsers, email, facebook... allowing you to continue usign the smartphone for basic functions like calls and texts). Not bad if you are ok with fixed time slots without distractions
  • Screen Time Control: it allows to use the phone for a predetermined time. It just a bit more than a reminder, since you have to digit a pin to unblock it
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Whatever you've tried, you've found a way to defeat it. Tools will only get you so far.

You need to train yourself to not wander. I struggle with the same thing, but for different reasons.

One thing that has worked is I ask myself before I click on a link:

"Why am I going there?"

If you have a productive, defined purpose for going there, then go there.

If you don't, don't.

If you follow this advice, it will get easier to stay on track over time. If you don't, it won't. I know this from experience.

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+1 full of very good advises . at the end of the day it is our personal effort that count not any tools. – maz3tt Oct 1 '12 at 9:47
training yourself is the key. – maz3tt Oct 1 '12 at 9:48

What you need here is not a sophisticated software, but a technique/system to apply to yourself.

Here are some tips:

  1. Use IFTTT , you can set it to send you a SMS, each time you receive an email/facebook message and many more. You have to make a System where you only log-in when you see that you have received an important e-mail/message.

  2. Set an Alarm clock/Countdown Timer before you start using Internet.

  3. Drink a glass of water before connecting to the Internet, when you get nature's call - make sure you shut down your PC before going for it.

  4. Keep exploring this site, and find other ways.

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I'm pretty sure you don't need to check if you received a message every 10 minutes.

If you go somewhere to study: You are going to study, not to check if you've received a message, leave your smartphone at home.

If you go work: You are going to work, your smartphone is a distraction and makes you less productive, leave your smartphone at home.

If you REALLY need to do phone calls because of your work or whatever, buy a 20$/€ free phone, no android, no wifi. Time ago, our cell phones were used ONLY to do and receive phone calls, I think nobody has died in that time for not having internet. Do you REALLY need it? No, you don't. DON'T SAY YES, the answer is always "no you don't".

For every single thing: do I need this t-shirt? No I don't. Do I need this new graphic card? No I don't. Do I need this whatever? No I don't. The real thing is that you only need food, drink, sleep and some sex. The rest is bullshit, excuses.

Don't fool yourself, don't say you can't turn off your wifi at home. If you could, you would turn it on every 30 minutes to check "if you received a message".

This is the truth: You are an addict, you don't have the willpower to change it with some software you can uninstall easily, the change has to be drastical. Don't worry, 90% of the people is an internet addict. Now you know it, change it.

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I think we should respect the OP and answer directly to the question. And refrain from preaching to the user. He/she asked for a tool to block time-sucking applications and we should answer accordingly.

I have the same problem. On my desktop I use Leechblock very successfully. It seems that Leechblock doesn't work for android.

So the option now I use is UNISTALL my browser on my smartphone.

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Use an app lock in conjunction with the other program. And get someone else to set the password. I suggest applock2.

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disable internet apps on your phone.

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Welcome to Personal Productivity. Thank you for your answer, but how is this useful? Can you elaborate how this would allow the OP to access Internet with one app, but not with another? Or just for a limited time? – THelper Dec 15 '15 at 9:10

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