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I have come across WinURL, which launches any URL stored in the clipboard.

Does anyone know of such a tool that will Google any text in the clipboard?

Edit: I'm looking for a solution that does not involve waiting for a browser to load. I have, for some time now, been using the AutoHotKey solution given below. However, since I am using a slow machine and am often multi-tasking, by the time the browser has loaded and Google has popped up, I have either forgotten what it was I was intending on Googling in the first place, or have something else in the clipboard. The ideal solution would involve a small text edit box popping up when the keyboard shortcut is pressed, in which the Google search query can be typed (or pasted). Hitting Enter will cause the google request to begin, allowing it to load in its own time.

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You can do this with a Autohotkey Script or use this Autohotkey compiled software ac'tivaid which has shortcuts to open marked text with distinct search engines. For the latter, after installing it, click "Extensions" in settings and install the "WebSearch" plugin. Then set up your desired search engines. I use it all the time

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Let me suggest another software, Launchy (I'm not affiliated with it, but I'm a longtime user).

With its built-in plugin, Weby, running Google with your clipboard contents is literally three keystrokes:

  1. Alt+Space to start Launchy; Launchy

  2. Shift+Insert to paste from clipboard;

  3. Enter

The only thing to do is setting Google Search your default plugin:

Launchy + Weby Setup

No problem if you need using another search engine:

  1. Alt+Space;
  2. Type bing, press Tab
  3. Shift+Insert;
  4. Enter

Launchy + Weby using Bing

  • Launchy is not just for starting your browser, it's a full-featured task runner;
  • Along with executables, it indexes arbitrary folders, e.g. your documents and Web browser bookmarks, which may be useful for you as well;
  • Pay as much as you want;
  • GPLv2.0
  • Open source
  • Small memory footprint, but it depends on a size of your index;

Also, this article highlights several useful tricks configuring Launchy.

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I believe that Google Desktop would fit very nicely. When you tap Ctrl twice, it appears a text box on the screen and you can type (or paste) the text and search over the internet and/or your computer (you can configure it).

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Unfortunately, Google Desktop has been discontinued. This would have been perfect otherwise. That's not to say I can't use an old version, but I presume there was a good reason it was discontinued. – CaptainProg Jan 14 '13 at 17:01
Indeed. But in my personal experience I see no problem with it. I continue using the old version and in my opinion it is really useful. I believe you could use it at least until you find another solution. – Rodrigo Guedes Jan 15 '13 at 11:11

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