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The GTD page on Wikipedia says that Evernote implements GTD. How is that possible?

I know that Evernote can be personally used in a way so as to implement GTD, as said in: How to use Evernote to Implement a GTD System but Evernote in intself doesn't takes any effort to help people implement GTD. Am I right?

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Lifehacker just released an article: "Get Things Done with Evernote Using Templates"

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The wikipedia page I'm looking at ( says Evernote (among many others) is "designed or useful" for a GTD implementation. I think that is entirely accurate. Evernote is an essential part of my GTD practice. I use it for project list, project support notes, and reference material. My Next Action context lists are elsewhere.

There are a bunch of different ways to implement GTD with Evernote, and I think that is one of the strengths of both the system and the tool. There is enough flexibility there that you can design your GTD implementation to suit the way you work. A search for "GTD Evernote" will find many different approaches. If you are implementing GTD now, browse them to see what makes sense to you.

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I use Evernote for GTD. Evernote has only a limited concept of time, so scheduling actions for a future date less than ideal. There is no auto reminder system--not essential for GTD but a definite bonus electronic devices can give us.

For time based and recurring events with reminders, an additional program/service would be best employed. I use email as my reminder system with the delayed/recurring email service followupthen.

Evernote will drive you crazy with its bugs and totally unexpected roadblocks which you discover after spending hours setting something up, but at least it got one thing right right: syncing across multiple devices, extremely important for GTD. I would advise to become a paid subscriber as offline notebooks on mobile devices is essential to eliminate painful waits for notes to be downloaded from the net.

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2 months later I'm still using Evernote for GTD and loving it more and more as time goes on. I checked out maybe 20 other GTD solutions before it, but still think its simplicity trumps all. I tried zendone on top of Evernote recently but decided it was just an unecessary complication. – jontyc Dec 4 '12 at 2:18

Check out Zendone. Its in closed beta at the moment but its a great GTD web-app that sits on top of Evernote.

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We will be launching later this year something that combines GTD and Evernote for the iPad and iPhone. If you want to know more, visit Soon you can find there additional info including app functionalities and screen shots.

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i haven't know more about that may be this link help gives you answer

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IQTELL runs for about a year now (we're in beta) a fully integrated GTD solution that combines Evernote with actions, projects, emails, calendars, contact, bookmarks and more. Through the app, you're able to manage your entire workflow including the weekly review in on place.

To apply to our beta you need to register on our site and answer an email.

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