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I am currently in the process of switching my task management software from Things to taskwarrior. (Cultured Code introduced cloud synchronization, even without encryption, in Things 2, so I'm out).

I do not adhere strictly to the GTD method but one concept I find very useful is the Inbox. Tasks which are quickly captured land in the inbox first. From time to time, you review your inbox from time to time and sort the tasks into the appropriate projects.

What is the best way to implement this in taskwarrior?

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I use taskwarrior and only some methods of GTD (some tasks are assigned a lot of metadata if they are quite simple). Nevertheless here are my ideas: A simple way to display all the task without a project would be a filter like

task list pro:


task new limit:20 pro:

if you prefer only the 20 newest tasks. Make yourself familiar with custom reports, then you can easily create a report called "review" that shows you the items you recently added.

Another idea would be to create an alias on your shell, that expands to "task add pro:inbox". Then you can add task using your alias, the added items are assigned to the "project" inbox which you can then filter on. I would not recommend tags for this since you would remove the tag after assigning the task to another project.

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Thanks for the answer. I created a custom report whose filter contains project: and now task inbox does the job. – clstaudt Oct 11 '12 at 8:51

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