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I wanted to see what kind of strategies people use to help make sure they are on time or early for the days events. I am struggling in this area of my life especially since my new baby has come into this world and was hoping you get some good advice on how to improve in this area.

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One thing that is amazingly simple and helpful is to schedule travel time on your calendar. If you need 5 minutes to walk from your office to a meeting, schedule that 5 minutes. If it is a 40 minute drive across town, schedule that 40 minutes.

Be explicit on your calendar that you are scheduling travel time. I end up with "en route meeting X" entries a lot. These are scheduled events just like anything else on the calendar, with reminder alarms and reserving the time. There is a little overhead involved in making the calendar entries, but that's more than repaid by arriving at a meeting with a little time to spare, instead of rushing in late.

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I like this idea, I feel this is definitely one of my weaknesses that always get me. Travel time, thank you I will start doing this. – Tony Nov 1 '12 at 15:47

My simple technique, and one which I used really well when my kids were little, was to always plan to be early. And plan in a level of earliness which meets your level of uncertainty and the importance of your meeting.

For example for walking to the next door office for a chat with a colleague, I would aim to get there a minute or so early, but for flying from an airport 200 miles away for a foreign holiday I would aim to be a few hours early, to account for possible traffic holdups, getting lost, breakdowns etc.

You can play a game with it, and always try to make sure you are first on a conference call, or get the first seat in a meeting room; or you can just feel happy that no-one is having to wait for you.

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I don't like to be late - it just doesn't feel right; every time I realize that (if I am late) I will have to (all the time while I am driving) worry about being late; I don't like to worry about things if I don't have to -> I am doing my very best to leave on time

I know it all sounds trivial, but it works for me.

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