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I have recently graduated from college and started working quite far away from home (1200 miles appx). And I am finding this new life, new daily routine a little too easy to adjust to.

I am an ambitious guy with a "spark" to do things. And I am afraid I'll lose it in this monotonous life. But I like my job. Still, I tend to miss my college life and I am failing to use my personal time to learn and hone new skills. How to keep the same zeal, same positive outlook in me towards life?

P.S : I couldn't think of a better forum to ask this. Sorry if its inappropriate.

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Adjusting to life after college can be tough.

But what you have now sounds like a good job that doesn't consume all of your time. This is great, because you can diversify and use The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose (this is a very good book!) to hedge your bets (with a side business) or do what you really want to do (a calling of some kind).

The clock is ticking. It's not ticking as loudly for you now as it is for me (I'm 40) but once you fully internalize how short your life is, the alarm will go off and you'll hear the clock ticking. Hopefully, then, you'll figure out what your calling is, and develop a plan to implement your life's work before you become room temperature.

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I think that you should take a look at a few things:

  1. First, make sure that you are finding time each day to pray/meditate/breath. Each person has there own way of slowing down, taking a look around and finding out what greater purpose they can serve while here on this earth. It's easy to overlook this aspect of our lives, but it essential as human beings to practice some sort of reflection during the "off hours" of our day. Good resource for free form writing might be One Page Per Day.

  2. Exercise - I know this sounds cliche, but again, you will be able to see more clearly almost every situation and/or choice in a clearer light if you are regularly exerting yourself physically. You can run, lift weights, find pick up games of Basketball, Frisbee Golf, or Flag Football. Yoga, Thai Chi, or General Core Strength/Stretching programs go right along with this. Ensure that you aren't neglecting this area. Some helpful resources for this would be Mercola Peak Fitness.

  3. The last piece I think you will find as you begin to get involved in your new community/work/organization, but make sure that you are reaching out and building new relationships. The most dangerous place to be in life is one where you feel cut off or isolated from people or places. Reach to those you feel you have connection with and begin to get to know them and let them get to know you. Be cautious you associate with and I think you will find things looking much better and that "spark" burning a little brighter each day.

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