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I'm working in a company as a software trainee. My question is how to avoid my laziness.

I work in the shift 9am to 6pm

My problems are

  • Sleeping late usually at 4am
  • Waking up late usually at 8:30 even though i have to get to work at 9.
  • Reasoning to myself that "I don't have mood for it".
  • Postponing work to the last date.
  • I addicted to laptop.
  • I get distracted easily by laptop or phone

The reasons i want to get rid of these problems is cause I want to do a PG course along with my full time work.

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I added the tag "procrastination", which may give you some tips/strategies. Just click the tag to view the related questions. – 0x6d64 Nov 23 '12 at 13:58
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Your question is the first step to get rid of your problem. However you need motivation (that maybe needs to be built up) and a good technique to

There is no silver bullet (I think) but a lot of good techniques to work better.

"mood" and "posponing" bullets
I have successfully adopted Pomodoro Technique, this is a good time & task management technique. You can find other techniques as GTD which I haven't personally tried.

Sleeping problem (points 1 and 2)
The best suggestion I could give you is: do physical exercise! Schedule a run or go cycling with your friends, go swimming, get out of your house. If you have some company to exercise you have a lot more motivation! A technique to sleep that much without feeling tired is polyphasic sleep, particularly the technique called "siesta": 6 hours of sleep at night and a quick nap in the afternoon, always at the same time. This forces you to go to sleep and wake at precise times in a way that feels more natural.

"addiction" and "distraction" problems
I think you could get a big help by managing your problem with procrastination.

As I said at the beginning of the answer writing the question is a good start. Writing is a good way of understanding what you really want.

Write a plan
This should be the first step, this will make following the plan a lot easier (writing a plan will cost you just one or two pomodoros :) )

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Your key problem here is that you are starting off badly by going to bed late!

It is always tempting to party all the time as a junior/trainee, but realise that your career may depend on your behaviour in your first job.

Go to bed early. Aim for 10pm - this will give you easily 8 hours sleep (generally considered the usual 'right' amount, and a good start until you have a good idea of how much is your optimum)

This will let you wake early, but also rested - so you should have energy for the day.

As a spin-off, you are likely to find that with this extra energy your motivation will improve.

Put in place some simple rules, either using Pomodoro or similar tools, or by simply picking time slots where you will not use the laptop or phone for an hour, turning them off or to silent mode so you can work undistracted.

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