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I found a lot of software that claims to support GTD, but of "collect, process, organize, review, do" they usually on focus just on collect and process.

There is a software that has some feature to make easy to review?

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A lot of the review process is outside the list too, e.g. gathering receipts and notes from all over the place. And most of the review process is just looking through the items and recategorizing or throwing it away. I don't know how software could make it quicker. – Muz Nov 28 '12 at 3:05

If you are running a Mac, OmniFocus places the weekly review into each project by default. The iPad edition of the application has the best implementation of the review I've ever seen and looks great.

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IQTELL has the entire process integrated into the app. On the app you can collect, process, organize, review and do everything in one place. The app aggregates all your email accounts, calendars, Evernote, projects, to do lists, bookmarks, contacts and much more.

The app works with the following platforms: Google, yahoo, outlook, Hotmail, iCloud, Evernote, Dropbox etc...You can register on IQTELL's site to get an invite (it's a closed beta).

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In fact their IQTELL/GTD tutorial video (6 minutes) starts by explaining the instrumental nature of the weekly review. – Andrew Cheong Feb 12 '14 at 6:10

You don't say for which platform, so you get what you ask for....

eProductivity for Lotus Notes has quite a serious review module. Lotus Notes, as you may remember, is David Allen's favourite email/GTD tool, so he worked closely with eProductivity people to make their software very pro-GTD.

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correct me if I am wrong, but (imho) the most important part of weekly review should be done by the software which is running inside of your head ;)

I don't think you will be able find some computer program, which will completely replace you in this process...

so once a week you will have to collect, process etc; the best thing software can do for you is:

  • show items from your inbox - one thing at a time (it's important)
  • allow you to categorize these items (by context, importance, tags etc)
  • store results of your review
  • present all your tasks in vertical (by project) or horizontal (list of actions filtered by context and tags) mode

did you mean that kind of functionality?

share|improve this answer has basic review functionality built in. As has been said though, review is kind of something that you do. has a webapp, as well as apps for android, iOs, PC and Mac.

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WeekPlan allows you to review by allowing you to set weekly tasks. It has a Parking Lot to store your GTD lists.

WeekPlan is good for the review step of GTD

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