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I am learning touch typing. I want practice step by step.

Is there any site where i can have the options of the keys to select and then have lesson for those slected keys only.

I mean I select the keys from keyboard and then system prepares the lesson for only those keys with random combination.

Current i want to practice keys

asdf gh jkl;

Now I am not able to find practice for that whole row only. I mean random combinations

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Agreed that this is off subject, but as a programmer I couldn't resist and slapped this together: (needs a "modern" browser) – bunglestink Nov 25 '12 at 15:56

I am learning touch typing. I want practice step by step.

Don't. It will just take you more time to learn it. Do not learn, do not practice, do not spend time on simply learning to touch type. Just start obeying the rules of touch typing and go on with your life.

Put your hands on home row.

Then, while watching at the keyboard for every letter you type:

  1. move your hand to the target row
  2. move your finger over the target key
  3. press the key
  4. move your hand to the home row

Do not hurry with this process. Take a second per step. That means 4 seconds to type a letter. Yeah. Just do it.

Do this for everything you type. EVERYTHING You just need to type a quick password? Sit down, fingers on the home row, type in letter by letter. You are in a hurry and need to type in a quick note? Sit down, fingers on the home row, type in letter by letter.

The first day it will be slow. Painstakingly slow. You will cry the tears of blood and hate the day you decided to learn touch typing. By the end of the week you will reach your initial typing speed. By the end of the second week you won't believe how fast you're typing. That's when you stop looking at the keyboard and move your eyes to the screen. Congrats, you just learned to touch type.

The idea is that you spend more time practising than you lose if you just slowly start typing the right way. You don't just need to learn type correctly, you also need to unlearn to type wrongly. And if you practice typing and then go back to your old ways when you actually have to type something, then you are not unlearning the wrong way.

Therefore, just start typing correctly. And that's it.

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+1 for this answer. Absolutely the best way to do it! – Rory Alsop Nov 26 '12 at 12:57

On this you have list of most available software. I the first column all free software is listed and second half of this column list an online software. There are also a few descriptions.

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