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I plan to develop my own 'customised' sleeping pattern. My idea is to reduce my sleep to about four hours (up to five) per day. I read about polyphasic sleep, especialy uberman's and everyman 3. The main problem I see they all refer to quite short period of time 2-3 months and I found only one critical source which argue with claimed benefits.

My idea is to have a one longer block of 3 hours between 2am to 5am and three short, about 20 minutes naps, during the day. The naps would be sometime between 8-9:30am 1-2:30pm and about 8:30-10pm. The idea behind is that I would have slot of constant sleep where can fit two 90 minutes full cycles and the naps for REM. In general I want more 'floating' naps schedule so will be easier to keep up.

On top of this I plan to have a daily physical activity, an hour and a quarter of ashanga yoga about 5:30am and an active lifestyle in general.

I don't want to modify any diet restriction. At the moment I eat healthy but everything (in the sense: a meat and all of it, no junks).

The purpose of this plans is obviously to have more time but also to work on my concentration, and focus. I do programming, research etc and I normally work better at night. Also I found I work better when I more restricted and under some pressure.

The question is if anyone know any scientific research in this area? If anyone worked like this for a longer period, in years not in months or weeks? Does anyone know claimed and proved side effects? I am looking for proper sources, the best peer reviewed not like “it can't be because is not natural” or “it can because Da Vinci” or general claims like “body needs to rest”

I am also looking for anything which can add up to effectiveness in longer period. I did try in the past with Silva's meditation method, and some tantric techniques. Do anyone knows how or did tried to combine them with polyphasic sleep?

Also I would really like to read what is your opinion about increasing productivity this way. Welcome all your comments.

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See for an article (a very, very thorough article) on sleep research. The summary is that polyphasic sleep success is a myth, the human body doesn't work that way for the long term.

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That is a beautiful piece of research that should be spammed to all the other (polyphasic) sleep questions. Also, to add on the answer, the article does say that polyphasic sleep can work, but at the cost of long term learning. – Muz Dec 1 '12 at 15:03

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