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Does anyone have this problem? You had enough sleep, but when you start your day you feel like you haven't slept at all. You feel tired and you feel bored easily, all you want is to rest.

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I used to suffer from this when I was at my old job... then I changed and it's going much better! Have you considered if your problem is the day, rather than the night? – laika Jan 20 '13 at 19:20
@laika actually, i feel tire the whole day! I only feel better a little after I sleep. – coldholic Jan 24 '13 at 2:11
My question was more about stress from your daily activities... For example, if there are issues at your work, sometimes you don't feel motivated to wake up in the morning, you are bored in the day, and feel sleepy in the evening (because, after all, you've been doing something with bad mood all the day). Of course I don't know your personal history, my suggestion may be completely unrelated to your situation! – laika Jan 24 '13 at 18:04

Common things to consider: nutrition (supplements, perhaps) and diet (do you eat well? Do you eat a lot of carbohydrate heavy food? Are you eating something with protein in the morning), sleep routines, if you snore you could have sleep apnea (consult with a doctor: when I got a machine to feed me oxygen at night it turned my world around when I suffered from the same problem), exercise (are you getting any), meditation...

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Can you elaborate on the carbohydrate-heavy diet? – Dan Dascalescu Dec 21 '13 at 8:32

1) Try to eat your dinner at least 2 - 3 hours before sleeping. Avoid heavy food at dinner.

2) Highly recommended to switch off the laptop/PC and TV one hour before sleeping and try to read some relaxing book. I had tried this and found it to be very helpful.

3) As @Marcin pointed out I think it is very important to have a sleep routine. Sleep at almost same fixed time and wake up at almost the same fixed time.

4) Have you had a look upon your bed and pillow ? Is it comfortable and suited to your body ?

5) I do not wake up ultra fresh in the morning when the temperature of my room is not normal. The room temperature should not be too cold and not too hot. It should suite your body.

6) Take a hot water bath.

7) To be in the bed for very long at least in your scenario can also be very bad for your body. Try to go to bed when you are tired and ready to sleep.

8) The last thing I want to add: the best time according to me to sleep is from around 11 in the night to 6- 7 in the morning. I think sleeping well during the day makes my mood go down, makes the body lethargic, drowsy and it feels to me that I am not going through the day. The day is just passing by.

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In assumption you don't have any health issues first and foremost ask youself the following question.

Do you go to bed on regular hours? It's not all about how long you sleep but also if your sleeping schedule is more or less the same. If hours you go to bed are shifted daily for hour or two you may experience tiredness, being sort of out of phase.

If you want to check if this is the case conduct the following experiment: go to bed on preordained hour for at least 10 days. You should notice signifficant change and better regulation of your body day and night cycle. If this will not help, see a doctor.

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I have noticed this "problem" for me too, and I think one of the reasons is the interrupted sleep cycle (around 90 minutes, during the sleep we go through multiple such cycles).

I've recently started using and it suggests the optimum hours of sleep (time of going to sleep and waking up time), that is based on the sleep cycles. I am noticing that this helps me getting better sleep even if I don't get to sleep much. Basically if you wake up in the middle of one cycle you are probably going to feel "worse" than if you wake up between cycles.

For an amazing read on sleep:

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I can think of at least 5 reasons feeling tired.

  1. What you consider enough sleep, may actually not be enough. We are stuck with the 8-hours recommendation, but the required amount of sleep can vary greatly from person to person.

  2. You tend to wake up in the middle of deep sleep.

Possible fixes for 1 & 2 - experiment waking up 15 or 30 mins earlier/later than you usually do. Experimentation is the key here.

  1. Coffee addiction - you just crave the coffee fix.

  2. The problem is not sleep related and it may be health or nutrition related. Think depression or anxiety. Think exercise.

  3. Your current job is not suitable for you at this moment.

  4. You are not really tired and it's just that your life expectations don't align with reality.

I hope you'll be able to match one these reasons (or find another one) and feel more energetic.

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