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I need to find application to track my activities and progress that I did on it (for example number of pages I read or exercises I did). I need to be able to look on what I spent last month for example. Also it would be nice to be able to see when activity started and when I finished it. What are the possible choices?

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The main app I use specifically for this is Daytum. I use it primarily on my iPhone, but you can use their web interface as well. It generates nice graphs and allows you to track recurring activities as long as you have numeric values (emails processed, calories eaten, weight lost, miles driven/run/cycled, pages read, push-ups, you name it !).

share|improve this answer and Lift do similar. The idea with Chains is that you try to keep the habit, maintain the Chain (so you can go back and see, for example, how many days in a row you did 20 pushups), whereas Lift is more social, and allows you to see what others are doing within that habit, and try to keep up with them.

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Thanks, I had a look at The problem I see is that I can't attach qualitative characteristics, like pages or km to see the progress. Is it right? – damluar Dec 20 '12 at 13:24

I like to use Task Coach, available at for free. There are desktop versions as well as iPhone/iPad versions, and a "portable" version that runs from a USB flash drive. For desktop synchronization purposes, I have installed the portable version into a DropBox ( folder, so it automatically updates between home and work.

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does it have a calendar, that I can look what I did on each day? – damluar Dec 20 '12 at 13:36

Massive ulterior motive alert but this sounds perfect for Beeminder. You may or may not like the other side of the Beeminder coin which is forcing yourself to maintain the progress you've been making. (Ie, the idea is that you put in a credit card and agree to get charged if you have any datapoints that deviate from the "yellow brick road" to your goal that Beeminder draws on your graph.)

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