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It is usually found when i finish a sort of work assigned to me i usually get over excited over stuffs and start asking for more work though forgetting what task is being assigned. I give a yes to everything in over excitement. I lose my control over me. Also i start talking all kinds of boastful stuffs(which i actually dont mean). Like as such i am handling the entire project where i actually mean for a particular task which brings in a strong attention of my peers. Please guide.

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remember this tale?

The old bull and the young bull were standing at the top of the hill overlooking a paddock of many gorgeous young heifers. The young bull said, "Let's charge down the hill, knock over that fence and service one of those heifers each". The old bull wisely replied, "Why don't we saunter down the hill, open the gate, take a sip at the water trough and then service ALL of those heifers?"

it's all about state of mind; if you imagine yourself to be a 100-yrs old Patriarch of Software Development, you will approach all these projects and tasks in a much different way; next time you'll get a temptation to start throwing estimates around, ask yourself "do I play like a young bull or the old one?"

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Ask yourself why you are acting like this. Is there something you are trying to prove? Core to sorting out this issue is relaxing more and accepting yourself for what you are.

Set yourself realistic goals and then stick to them- written goals make it easier to avoid getting over excited. Avoid mentally trying to up with the Joneses' and just do your own thing.

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Working out the details of any assign task may work... evaluate yourself more realistically, get the significance of your impact, and in that proportion boosting is alright... Also it is said in sound body lies the sound mind....

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