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My question is basically what the title says. I am trying several software for GTD/todo/task management, focusing on syncing between laptops and cellphones. Although most of the software transfer data in encrypted channel, the actual data are stored in their company with a proprietary format readable by them. This is quite a security and safety issue. I am searching for a software that actually stores my data in a encrypted format with a key that only me, the user knows.

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if you are so concerned about encryption, I don't know any self hosted app that I can assure does this. Maybe you should host your data yourself (usually specialized hosting companies are more careful with this matter). Or maybe just use Dropbox and encrypt the data yourself.

To set up this, you could use files and edit them with Orgmode via Emacs. It works with a mobile app for sync on android and iOS. It takes care of the encryption, you just need to configure it accordingly.

Have a look at this:

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I do use Orgmode for taking notes and sync the files between my laptop and desktop manually, but have never actually tried to use it as a task management tool. I will setup MobileOrg and see how it fairs. – jxy Dec 28 '12 at 3:03
I have been using MobileOrg on my iPhone for a few months. It works nicely if I only sync small files—the app crashes with large files. It works as a simple note taking app and a bad-looking todo management app. Its UI is really bad. But I am flagging the question answered as for now. – jxy Jan 10 '14 at 8:32
If you were to ask again this question I would probably mention BitTorrent Sync, which I've been using for everything really (movies, music, small pdf files). Depending of what you call "large file", BT Sync can be a solution that works for the sync part, although it doesn't rely on any cloud storage, it's just your devices syncing together. – TKrugg Jan 10 '14 at 20:18

I use dropbox and an app called BoxCryptor to create an encrypted folder on top of dropbox. I use it to store my passwords in a spreadsheet such that Dropbox can't see them. I also store an outline document there for use with Circus Ponies Notebook on my multiple Macs/iPhones. That's my secure solution. For To-Do management, I started using Things recently, and it works on it's own cloud, but it won't sync to a user-specified data file. So you could use my BoxCryptor setup for any tool that works with external data files.

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Osmo has encryption, and you can sync its data folder across multiple devices using Dropbox, or Spideroak (encrypted by itself). This can be done for instance by having one data folder stored in dropbox, with symlinks to it set up in your home folder on all devices

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