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I like the big visible sense of the post-its board but I cannot carry it around! Any thought?

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I prefer electronic tool. I had big board, but
I cannot drag big board around.And with online board- I can see it from my phone every free minute I have and get more a chances to think about tasks I'm working on.

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I also use an electronic kanban board. It gives far more opportunities to collaborate with distributed team members as well as to analyze the workflow that a traditional whiteboard. My favorite is Kanban Tool. It is simple to use and customize.

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You might also want to consider what you are doing.

Tonianne and I have a very involved electronic board that we use to keep track of what we're doing as a company - but we also often have little personal boards that are more tactical.

So, here on my desk there's a few stickies to the left of my computer that are little personal things I need to get done today, but really aren't worth tracking on the business board. When I'm doing them, I put them on my laptop, when they are done they go to the right side of my desk.

When we're working with teams, we'll often also do real-time boards with post-its, but be helping them set up a very involved board on a digital tool.

The biggest thing is ... will you forget your digital board? The important thing about the Personal Kanban is that it's a visual control. So, it needs to be accessible and visible.

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