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While working on first task to practice Pomodoro technique, I raised 9 internal interruptions. Later on I decided them to move in specific lists. There are many interruptions and tasks which are supposed to/can be done in near future (may be today itself), and they are petty. Like: searching a book on net, downloading a song etc.

What would be a good practice for such petty tasks which hardly take 8-10 mins?

  • Group these tasks. Label the group with common name. And finish then in a pomodoro session.
  • Don't start any pomodoro session for these tasks. Finish them separately or in relax period of 5 mins
  • Don't even list them. Note them separately on a paper or notepad. Finish them. There is no need to track them
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You should record them. Then, find the time to review them. Some interruptions lead to important tasks. Recording make sure you don't skip something important.

About petty items, I don't recommend to stick on one solution. In fact, you usually don't need Pomodoro to finish them, don't you? Pomodoro help you focus on a big task that hard to focus. If you think you need Pomodoro for the task, use it. If not, just done it.

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"Pomodoro helps you focus on a big task that hard to focus", right. But if I put a time cap over a task (or group of tasks) then It'll force me to do within a defined period. Don't you think so? – Amit Gupta Jan 24 '13 at 1:51
I agree. That's why I wrote "If you need Pomodoro, use it". – Amp Tanawat Jan 24 '13 at 16:12
As per pomodoro, it is not divisible. So the group of tasks can't be defined in its app. So difficult to group petty tasks and need to remember manually what to finish in 1 pomodoro. Or finish any petty task randomly. – Amit Gupta Jan 25 '13 at 5:40

I've found option one to be the best for tackling these types of tasks. I would not use the break period to do them. The break is important to refresh your brain, not to jump around from task to task.

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I'd normally reserve one 'review' pomodoro at the end of the day to sort out the schedule for the next day. Then, put them on a todo list for the next day or remove them entirely. I find that about 80% of these interruptions (like 'respond to so and so discussion') aren't really that important.

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