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I am looking for an online app using which a NON-TECHNICAL person could create a simple HTML data entry form and a backend data table, then have a number of non-skilled data entry personnel around the world enter data into it. The app should also provide full hosting. Essentially, it would be something like a simple MS Access table + form and then have a bunch of temps come into the office and crank some huge data entry into it except these temps are around the world and MS Access is not an option. Then each data entry person would have a report to see their entries and be able to do simple CRUD operations.

Is there a free online app like that that I could use to make my forms and then be able to collect the entered data in bulk?


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Google docs allow to do that. One walk through is here. Also, look at Wufoo if you want more flexibility and don't mind paying for it. Otherwise, there is SurveyMonkey and lots of others, but they all cost money.

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Two tools are very effective:

  1. google drive "forms"
  2. jotform

The first one is simple and completely free but you must have a google account.

The second one supports more complex cases (like conditional fields) and is free if you colect up to 100 forms. then you have to pay, but the fee is ridiculous.

They both allow you to have the collected data into a table (excel like) or other data formats.

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jotform is pretty sweet – amphibient Jan 23 '13 at 22:28

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