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I've got various meetings on a variety of subjects. In some I take a lot of notes, in others, not so much.

How should I manage/organize these notes? I don't want to have a separate notebook for each subject (some subjects might only require 2 pages of notes per year or something, and there could be 10 different subjects or so). But I also don't want one notebook of random stuff.

What's the best way to handle this?

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I personally scribble notes on scrap paper, then (as soon as possible) afterwards condense them in my Zim wiki. Zim is a fabulous piece of software. I typically have a page per customer or project, then subpages per meeting or subissue. Zim allows searching (did you ever have to search for something that you discussed three years ago, but you don't really remember with which customer? Hard to do with multiple notebooks), cross-linking, task lists, embedding stuff and so on.

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I use a notepad to take all notes - but then what I do is write up all these notes into electronic meeting notes and store in folders by client/project, using a title consisting of date and core activity or key attendees.

For diagrams I scan the page in, or quickly draft up in Visio or similar.

I have used Zim (as mentioned by Stephan) in the past, and would recommend it as a tool, unfortunately I can't use it in my current role as it is not a company-approved application.

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Try Evernote. It can be used in PC, Mac, Smart phones, Tablets, etc...

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