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i download many apps from links in this stack and then forget to install all of them is there any way to manage it?

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Are you already using a system to manage your own projects and work-flow? Your own, GTD or other? You will have to develop the habit of adding it to one of your lists. I suspect that if you are having this problem it might be that you are downloading things because you are curious about them rather than as a way to solve a particular problem you have. An ongoing problem can motivate the tasks while the curiosity driven activities can fall off the map easily.

Or are you asking for something more automatic? Like something that reminds you to checkout your downloads? It might take discipline to add it to some GTD list manually but what I get out of having a directory of untested stuff is what @Ox6d64 probably gets out of having an empty download directory. That is, I look at it often in my normal work-flow and treat it like a mail in-box... I want to see it empty.

Or, are you asking for an approach to installing or evaluating new s/w? This is more tricky and personal (I think). For me it is an interesting challenge to start with a problem and define what a solution would look like. This is harder than it seems. Then, the new software will either approximate the solution (or not) or offer an acceptable alternative solution (or not). As an example - for a long time now I have been trying to figure out what a comprehensive Knowledge Management solution would be like for MY own unique wants and needs. As I try tools and approaches it helps define what a solution would look like, if it were available. That then directs the continued search.

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i have sharepoint site in every where that i work. home, workplace 1, workplace 2 .for example my download directory sync to sharepoint and after sync for every file that i downloaded fires a workflow to manage them, and define a task for me ... for any type of document fire specific Workflow ... then i set for them priority or cancel or delete some of them and then take time for whom that most important for me to continue – saber tabatabaee yazdi Sep 14 '13 at 7:52

My approach is to keep my "Download" folder clean, so usually I install (and then move to trash) any programs immediately (or sort documents into my folder system).

If you don't want to spend time installing right away, just leave the installer and make an entry on you todo list: "Install and test software XY"

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I do something similar to what @Ox6d64 does. Except I move the download to a directory containing a hierarchy of directories based on the type of software it is. For example, utility, programming, multimedia. If I don't try the software right away I will move it to a directory for untried/untested software.

The downside to this approach is that when you use your archive it is likely that the version you have is old. In most cases that is fine with me and many apps will check for updates when you use them.

The upsides are many though. You might want to keep more than one version, sometimes free software becomes not-free and sometimes the site supporting the product disappears.

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ok thanks . but my goal is : if we had a feature that it has a workflow to suggest us ... steps ... for example to define install them ... (define next steps) and check and / or delete or suggest them to another friends or social network ... – saber tabatabaee yazdi Sep 10 '13 at 6:59
I will respond as a separate answer. – Arbalest Sep 10 '13 at 15:47

My approach is GTD-ish. Downloads go to a folder called 0.Inbox, so I deal with them and decide what to do with them and when during processing time. I put all kind of non-urgent stuff in there, and process it when I feel to.

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