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Playing computer games during the breaks would not certainly be productive to do between the long study hours. Watching TV will also not be a good idea (it will jam the brain further, I guess). Similarly reading novels may pose distraction.

So, what other things can I do to relax myself during breaks?

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Go for a walk. Change of scenery, fresh air, exercise. And it's cheap!

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Exercise! Nothing stimulates the brain like fresh blood and oxygen

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One of the best things to do during breaks that can help you relax a bit is to reward yourself for the long hours of study like eating or having a snack.

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You do need to relax. I don't think games and TV are unproductive; some of the smartest people I know would watch TV or play games between study hours! A consistent reward makes it easier to focus on things.

If you want something better, yeah, talk to people. Or do housework - sweep/vacuum your house, do laundry, shop for grocery ingredients. A lot of students say they don't have time to cook.. well, this is a good time to cook.

I wouldn't recommend things like reading or watching documentaries, your brain needs to relax. A 30 minute break is actually quite good, hence why TV episodes are perfect.

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I found talking to people to be a good choice, since I tend to don't get much company in times of intese work anyway. So staying in touch with the "outside world" becomes more important.

Other than that I try to get off my desk as much as possible (so don't browse the web) and e.g. do some manual work like make tea, move away some dishes.

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Would be different for different people, but in your case, it seems you have a hard time focusing back on work again if you do something stimulating in the break, so I guess the answer here is - something relaxing, but not distracting.

Listening to music, taking a nap, or a walk, or you could try meditating.

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