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Scenario: I read about multithreading (one of the computer programming concept) aroung 10 months ago. I practiced it well, wrote around 5-6 articles with my own examples. It is one of my interesting topics.

But today I disappointed by myself when a discussion, in my office, was going on a problem related to this concept and I was not able to recall any term in detail. So I dint participate in discussion and reacted like I am new for this topic.

I know that if I revise for 2-3 hours what I read then I can again be confident to discuss any related problem.

In general It happens with me with things I learnt in past at least 2 months ago.

What should I do to overcome on this problem?

Everything can't be revised periodically.

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Always remember your mind never forgets anything. It may take time and some effort to recall it properly.

Remembering anything depends on 3 things

  1. Deep learning: writing articles, playing as game, watching videos, having QA or debate with your friends etc. It also depends on your imagination related to what you are learning.
  2. Revision: How many times do you revise, Interval between your learning and revisions, Interval between multiple revisions etc.
  3. Real time conditions, where you used your knowledge/learning after learning period.

Now let me explain;

You learn cycling in your childhood but remember till your old age. Same with other things like language learning, ascent etc. It is because you are in continuous touch with these things.

If you notice, you may have faced some exception scenario during development and support. You never revise them but remember for long time. This example in support of 3rd point. Similarly you'll not forget an accident easily, happened in front you.


Learning with different style or in creative way is good to remember for long time. But periodic revision/practice is necessary to recall right information at right time untill you learn them with real life situations/experiences.

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Now I am in the search of what should be the revision plan. – Amit Gupta Feb 10 '13 at 17:14

Everything that you may wish to use again should be revised periodically. All long term memory strengthening plans agree on this.

The frequency of revision can be reduced over time, but yes, you need to exercise those memories you wish to keep.

Have a look at some of the questions in the Related sidebar to the right.

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To add to Rory, an even better way to revise is to find some sort of code katas that target the things you think are key to your development skills. This will be a revision, and fun too :)

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