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Can writing also improve productivity in other personal areas apart from the project we are working on

e.g :

  • Writing to improve food habits (making a diary of what you ate and corresponding sentiment)
  • Writing to stop procrastinating (write for each delayed job and its experiences)
  • Write to improve family relations (Writing love emails or poems for your wife)

and many more

But can taking such a radical move to writing would end you up in unnecessary overheads or there is a systematic way to do this too?

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Writing or "quantifying yourself" is a commonly used technique in cognitive behavioral therapy, so it definitely has its merits. For instance, if you have a sleeping problem, it is a good idea to note your sleeping patterns in a spreadsheet, to be able to get an objective view of the problem. This should apply to other problem types as well, such as excessive eating etc.

I see no merit in doing overhead work unless you're trying to resolve a specific problem. So I'd say the areas you choose to write about should be carefully selected in order to avoid introducing unneccessary overhead work.

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