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Sometimes, I find it difficult to maintain focus when learning new skills, especially when I'm just getting the hang of it. Most times, it's due to being distracted by learning another skill. How do I "manipulate" my brain into keeping focused until I've gained satisfactory level in a skill before moving on?

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First you have to make a no escape clause, burn your boat, sink or swim decision that you are going to learn this new skill.

I use an online timer and establish a chunk of time that I'm going to devote to this new skill. I like 90 minutes and once the timer goes off I get up stretch, get a drink of water, walk around a little and then return for another chunk of learning.

I also use a very soothing background noise that filter out the ambient noises that tend to create distractions. I like the pink noise at about the 8 setting.

And the most important step is framing my focus before I begin each new chunk of time. I try to establish a destination I'd like to reach during that time period so that my brain locks in on that destination.

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