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I am new to Workflowy, but try to increasingly use it. It is already much improved over "Trello", which I used until now to dump information, simply because Trello already helped a lot with categorization and branching. All this because to me, I cannot get used to Evernote, even with sub-notebooks and tags, Evernote for me doesn't create a "call to action", but just is a big information-dump for the most part. I don't see a way to infinitely branch out in Evernote, as I can easily in Workflowy, suggestions are welcome. (As said, as of now tags don't do it for me, because I was unable to develop a consistent tag-hierarchy or saved-searches. And then there is the extra effort...)

Yet I noted two problems when using "Workflowy":

1). As in Evernote and Trello, I of course started to dump stuff into Workflowy that is more than just one line of text, there is simply no way around it (if I want to avoid excessive linking within Workflowy, to Evernote or to elsewhere). By itself this is no problem, but most often I cannot break down these paragraphs (or don't want to). Which leads not only to quickly filling a page (or more - which I despise), but gives me the cluttered result that I hoped to avoid in the first place. But I simply don't know how to deal with big chunks of text in a better way (i.e. how to structure those chunks or how to give them a meaningful, useful heading?) - any ideas? I could provide you with a sample dump from my Workflowy...

2). I usually put hyperlinks in the note of a one-lined header. I don't usually put notes or hyperlinks below content that is more than "one line" (in standard 100% zoom view). And I don't put more than one hyperlink per note, as I fear it could get messy and lost due to lack of any formatting capabilities. How would you deal with situations where you end up with 2+ hyperlinks (that need to continue to reside!) at the same level/layer of informational depth?

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It's large amount of text in your question even..! :D – rptwsthi Apr 29 '13 at 5:49

I had the same problem and I tried to solve it with Evernote, OneNote, etc. I also investigated methods like GTD, Action Method, etc.

However, I finally end-up using Workflowy and developing my workflow which I call it Workflowy Journal since it's based on popular Bullet Journal; in fact, I digitalise the Bullet Journal. Please read about it here: Workflowy Journal

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Try Cintanotes. It has an intelligent tag system: you select a tag and the rest of tags are filtered, only showing the tags that has notes related to the first selected tag

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I haven't used workflowy, but it seems similar to mind-mapping. From what I gather from your question, is that the problem lies in what you call "data dump". Why are are dumping data? You need to extract information from the data and knowledge from the information. All this text, are you ever processing it, evaluating, reviewing, referencing? Or is it just data, which has no inherent value?

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I myself is a heavy Evernote user and I think I can help out but before getting my hands "dirty" in shooting advices I too wonder why you are dumping data in this overwhelming matter, just as you are wondering I believe Raystafarian. – Erik Börjesson Feb 8 '14 at 15:11

Please keep in mind that I do not know Workflowy. but I have viewed their youtube video.

Have you tried this linking hack

Perhaps workflowy just is not your thing. Maybe you need to check out more alternatives. Even more then Evernote and Trello.


Ofcourse it also depends on what platforms you are using and if the application is available for it and/or integrated nicely.

Do you use GTD or Pomodoro technique etc.? or how do you "clean up" your notes? Perhaps provide example data of the two issues.

p.s. my links do not contain affiliate querystring attributes ;-)

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