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I've been impressed by some of the aspects of both GTD and Covey's First Things First approaches, but can't get to grips with how to combine them. Are there any complete and available systems that combine both approaches?

I'd really rather not go on a course nor pay very much (if anything) for books / stationary / software.

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Yes, does exactly that, it is a mix between 7 habits and GTD.

  • week view (7 habits)
  • weekly goals by role (7 habits)
  • prioritize by importance and urgency (7 habits)
  • store your maybe/someday in lists of tasks (gtd)
  • blocked list (gtd)
  • mission statement editor (7 habits)
  • subtasks (gtd, could be used as the concept of projects in gtd)
  • personal development journal (7 habits, sharpen the saw)
  • and more features that aren't related to any of these two books.
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