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I'm looking for a specific term that is used a lot in productivity / time management, that describes the event of being pulled out of your current workflow by someone who needs attention. For example, i'm doing some concentrated programming and i get a phone call, resulting in me losing context. It might also be a colleague who needs attention and ask a question or something. If this happens a lot then you need to fix your <word> factor.

This specific term basically just names this specific type of unintended interrupt. I just can not recall the term and i find this very frustrating.

I believe it's a neologism just like "busfactor".

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uhh..distraction? – Gaʀʀʏ Mar 7 '13 at 18:31
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Found it ! The reason i couldn't remember it is probably because it's a dutch word, sorry for that !

The word is "Spobilo" an abbreviation of "Spontane Binnenloper", which means as much as "Spontaneous Visitor"

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One of these?

interruptability -- the ease with which people can interrupt you

time contamination -- pollution of your time on one task with attention to another, unrelated task

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Words and phrases that spring to mind:

  • in the zone
  • flow
  • focus (although focus factor appears to be a dietary supplement)
  • concentration
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