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What recommendations are there for good apps that combine goal setting with task (or to-do list) management ?

I currently use Microsoft One Note, because you can create lots of related pages and it has a good check-box list feature. You can also drop media into the app including images and screen shots.

However, I'm wondering if there are better tools available. I have both Windows and iPad kit, so I should be able to run most available software.

I've done some research, but not found anything that 'hits the spot'

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Could you elaborate on "hits the spot"? – JeffO Mar 17 '13 at 15:22
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I've been using a relatively new app on my iPhone called Everest. You create "dreams" that you want to achieve and within each dream you add steps (in the style of to-dos), text notes, and images. The steps can be set to repeat and you can assign dates for completion. As you make progress and add notes or images, Everest keeps track of your journey and allows other users to comment or copy your steps. I'm not sure that it's for everyone, but I've really been enjoying it.

I'm huge fan of Clear, which I've seen recommended by others, but I like that Everest keeps my personal goals out of my normal to-do list—there's a huge difference between the things I want to do and the things I need to do. Also, the ability to add in notes and participate in the social aspect is an inspiring touch.

The biggest downside I've found: it's only available for iOS.

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You should Try Evernote

It has a nice web interface and a cool android/ios App too.

Helps manage stuff very easily

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Currently, I use a plugin for Sublime Text 2 called PlainTasks for my most important To-Do lists. Of course, that means the prerequisite of having Sublime Text purchased and installed, so that may not be a good solution for you.

On my iPhone, I also use an app called Clear quite a bit. It's great for shopping lists and anything I need to review when I'm not at my desk.

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I really like CLEAR for a simple to-do list on my phone. I've tried several others, too - and am using a really new site called which is in alpha and has some issues, but conceptually is really working for me for things I want to get done routinely, like every day, once a month, etc. Their mobile app is out there for download but is not that useful yet (for me at least). If I could use and somehow have it work with CLEAR I'd be pretty happy.

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Consider that allows you to manage your tasks with your goals in mind. (You have a week view of your tasks and the list of your goals on the left)

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I am a developer at Appfluence, where we make Priority Matrix, a suite of tools (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows) that implements the 4 quadrants method to help you decide what to work on next. Of course, it syncs across devices, it works while offline, and it helps you produce all the progress reports and detailed updates that you expect.

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For Mac users, I highly recommend OmniFocus.

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I'm pretty happy with Trello. I've implemented GTD for myself and also shared shopping lists for my family.

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