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I'd like to have an app running on my own server that stores and syncs notes, with a great interface. Any suggestions?

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See also aerofs.com which is more like dropbox than evernote. –  w00t Mar 12 '13 at 19:39
Isn't this a programming question? –  JeffO Mar 17 '13 at 15:05
@JeffO Not really; OP is asking for app recommendations that do this, not how to write one. –  Dave Newton Apr 7 '13 at 1:31

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There's are a few aspects of your question that need additional clarification, for example; what OS does your server have, and you want notes to sync - but with what ?

I personally believe that Microsoft OneNote is a great solution to your needs. There's a OneNote client for just about every desktop and mobile OS out there. Also, if you store your OneNote notebooks on skydrive, then if you click one of the notebooks in the skydrive web browser it'll automatically open your notebooks in a web browser for rich web editing.

You can not only store rich text, but also images, video, audio (from voice note apps), the list of features is almost endless.

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For those who prefer open source software, the applications listed on osalt.com/onenote may be worth checking out. –  Gruber Mar 11 '13 at 13:30

(adding this here as a note to myself)

Try the Org mode for Emacs , if you combine it with the MobileOrg you can create and sync notes across android , iOS and any desktop OS that can run Emacs all the while backing the notes file to your choice of "cloud" based service. Its not as polished as Evernote or DevonThink but this is a great open source alternative.

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An interesting open source alternative to Evernote is in my opinion TagSpaces. It is basically a simple file manager with note editing and tagging capabilities. There are releases for windows, mac and linux.

Interesting by this project is that the tags are saved in the file names making syncing it easy with for example dropbox.

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If you are using MacOS, I would suggest checking out DevonThink Pro.


It has the features of Evernote that I like which you can see from the link above.

Most notably storage of multiple formats, keyword tagging, and fast search capabilities.

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I'd recommend checking out CintaNotes. It's lightweight and very easy to use. It also supports hot-plug syncing of its data files, so you can sync using any file-syncing tool, such as GoodSync (which you can configure to work with your own FTP), or Dropbox/Google Drive.

But it is text-only, if you need images or sounds, go with something else.

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The post specifies "great interface". I am unhappy with CintaNotes. I find no particular fault, but I DO find myself wading around to find what I need, and I'm used to TiddyWiki which presents no such challenge. –  Smandoli Apr 15 at 17:35

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