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I want to make a mind map, or something similar, for summing up certain things I am studying.

But I don't just want to sum up the information, I want to help me search for these things in the future, like some google search mind map.

What note-taking systems are good for that?

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This is not a question. Please rephrase your text. – Gruber Mar 19 '13 at 12:00
Suggested wording for the question (I don't want to edit it in case you mean something different): "I use mind maps to summarize knowledge during study. Do you have suggestions for mind mapping software with a good search function?" – 0x6d64 Mar 19 '13 at 15:50

I don't often draw mind maps, but then I use FreeMind. Its a Java program, so it runs on almost all operating systems. I like it because of its good keyboard navigation that makes it easy to input data quickly and without much hassle. It's also free software (free of charge and GPL licensed).

It has a basic search function, which searches all child nodes of the currently marked node, but unfortunately there seem not not be a list of all search results (like you would get for example in Adobe Reader).

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You can run a full search through an export of a mind map if you need every now. – Rory Alsop Mar 28 '13 at 10:14

Try Microsoft OneNote. It's like a virtual notebook which can easily be searched. It's especially well-suited when you want teams to work with the data but works great for individual use too. Google Docs, which unlike OneNote is free for personal use, can be used for similar purposes.

If you want to structure the information graphically and hierarchically in a tree (which could be a good thing to do when summing up things you're studying), I recommend XMind. The free version is good enough for most applications.

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Nothing really comes close to The Brain It can make multiple hierarchical as well as non-linear connections between thoughts. Ability to include any type of media, web pages, etc. Awesome visual organization.

Also might consider Topicscope which has a very unique visual interface.


Shame on me for not originally suggesting The Outliner of Giants


-Nesting of notes to create hierarchical outlines of topics

-Attach any type of file.

-Tagging, Labeling, Priority Indicators

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+1 - for brain software – Abid Rahman K Apr 16 '13 at 18:47

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