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In July 2011 i completed Graduation in Computer Science and in college days i worked on J2SE, J2EE, Blackberry, iOS, J2ME, windows development and Now from August 2011 i and working in a small software company and as it is my nature to take multiple tasks and ready for challenge so i working on these multiple technology in my current organization too.

But Now i am in big confusion as last month i gave an interview for iOS developer position and i discussed the all technologies with interviewer and he told me that you are here for iOS position so your other technology experience will not count.

So please suggest me that what will be good for a professional software developer work with single technology or multiple technology.


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Are you asking for a job ? – Gaʀʀʏ Mar 23 '13 at 0:33
Job and career both are important but right now Job. – Bunty Madan Mar 23 '13 at 5:14
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Short Answer: Focusing on one technology is better for getting a job. Learning multiple technologies is better for building a career. Decide which of the two is what you want, and go from there.

Long Answer: Learning multiple technologies will make you a better software developer. No question. If you only focus on one thing, you'll be great at that one thing. You'll also only get experience in one technology (and the necessary support and tool stacks), and probably pigeon-hole yourself into a single knowledge domain as well, and eventually that one thing you choose to focus on (very early in your career, I should note) will be all you can do. It's hard to get out of that position professionally, as everyone who sees your resume will only see that you've been doing the same thing for years, and it doesn't show that you're able to learn or that you're willing to try something new.

That said, specializing and focusing on one thing can be good if you want to get a job, as you'll be very skilled and knowledgeable in a specific area of technology. You can become successful as a specialist, but you live or die by the popularity and lifespan of the technology you picked.

It's also a matter of taste. Whoever was interviewing you has a very short-sighted idea of what knowledge and skill are composed of, and is an idiot. Or, they saw that you are new and thought they could make you feel like you were barely qualified for the position, so that they could make an argument against paying you fairly, in which case they are shady and I wouldn't trust them, and certainly not accept a job from them.

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You'll be a better programmer if you have experience of multiple programming paradigms and different techniques (server-side, web etc.). That said, some programmers who know just one thing (like Cobol programming) will thrive because of great demand for such specific skills.

To say that other development experience doesn't count for an iOS position is pretty stupid. An experienced programmer will normally learn a new language/system in short time thanks to his/her experience and learning capabilities.

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