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It's well known that brain functioning consumes a lot of energy. I assume you are familiar with the headache that you have after few hours long exam, or after few hours working in the library.

Someone eats chocolate, someone candies, all this product contains sugar. It looks like sugar help to overcome the problem.

What is considered to be at the same time healthy and with sufficient energy supplement for the brain to continue working.

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Active thinking functions on glucose. But too much glucose released at once causes a sugar spike, which is countered by insulin, causing a sugar crash (and dizziness, blank mind, etc). The trick is to release the sugar into your blood constantly and gradually, usually with "normal food" like bread and oats. 'Pure' sugar is generally bad because it spikes and crashes your brain. – Muz Mar 29 '13 at 4:53

Check out the article 10 Tips for Healthy Eating During Exams.

Fruit ranks high among the best foods you can eat for your brain. Blueberries (which can be bought frozen in bags) get a lot of attention because they contain powerful antioxidants and other nutrients. The natural sugars in fruit offer clean energy, so you don’t experience the crash that follows consumption of refined sugar.

Brain Food for Exams recommends a snack bar, since cocoa increases blood flow to the brain, thus improving concentration and memory.

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When trying to work on a mentally difficult project at work I've used this link that I have bookmarked for a long time.

Half of my thinks eating this way really works and half of me thinks it's the placebo effect. Either way I feel like I'm better able to focus and retain information. (good question I ask myself all the time is why don't I eat these all the time then!?).

In short:

a. Blueberries

b. Wild Salmon

c. Nuts and Seeds

d. Avocados

e. Whole Grains (which I avoid as they tend to give an energy burst and then a drop in energy)

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I actually can't study with any type of food in my stomach. That is why I do intermittent fasting. This is ideal because when you eat something, you do not feel tired afterwards.

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I've noticed that I can combat feeling tired after eating a big meal by drinking a large amount of water. – Michael Dec 9 '14 at 21:18

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