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Suppose, I am mot performing well in my job. I know that management will not give me a second chance and my job can not go on this way.

What will be my motivation to keep the job up and try till the last moment as in both cases re result will be same?

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Not failing is plenty of motivation! Now you just have to find what's demotivating you from doing it. – Muz Mar 23 '13 at 7:57
There's a theory that bringing up Hitler ends a discussion on the internet. I've edited your question to discuss the motivation aspects and remove the Hitler aspects. – Jeanne Boyarsky Mar 23 '13 at 16:17
@JeanneBoyarsky Godwin is disappointed. (But besides that, what a ridiculous thing to tack on.) – Dave Newton Mar 23 '13 at 21:36
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Even if you are going to be fired, trying hard at this job to the end has two benefits:

  1. You'll learn more which will help at your next job.
  2. You'll leave people with better memories of you which can help in future networking.
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If you are wanting to keep your job, surely that should be your motivation.

Perhaps if you aren't motivated to improve that means you subconsciously have already accepted that you will be fired. If that is the case then perhaps you should look at the job adverts and plan for a new job?

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I would suggest you to work harder to reverse the situation; instead of you worrying about keeping your job, your management should worry about how to keep you.

Work hard, show your value, then find another job and leave. If you leave now (by yourself or fired by your management) your incompetence will haunt you for a long time.

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Agreed! Hustle and you can turn it around! Go to your boss NOW and say you're committed to performing. – Scott Wilson Sep 26 '15 at 21:56

Many people have, through their own efforts to get up and try again, been able to turn around their lives. People who give up tend to descend farther and farther.

Trying to fix problems after mistakes have been made is the sign of someone who is capable of learning from their mistakes and doing better. The person who loses motivation because things are bad is the one they will get rid of faster because there is no hope of fixing that person.

And attitudes tend to solidify with age and with repeated use. It is easier to change a negative attitude (such as a tendency to give up) the younger you are. So if you let problems demotivate you, then you will fail repeatedly until you can no longer envision success. You will fall harder and faster than the person who doesn't lose motivation. This is not in your own best interests.

Life is hard. Everyone has problems and everyone has challenges to overcome. If you don't try to overcome them, then you are the one who loses the most.

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The main reason when we give up early is EGO. Ego related to some work. When we destroy our ego, this becomes very easy to work. If you don't want to give up for anything then lose your ego. For this, you can listen to motivators & read books. But, I suggest you to read "Lose Your Ego Gain the World" by Mr. Todd Lemense. To buy this book, visit

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