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I have an extensive set of personal Tasks organized in GTD fashion that I want to migrate off of my corporate exchange account. Is there a good, free alternative out there? I was thinking I could add an account from another service into Outlook and simply drag/drop my GTD folder over there to copy it. The problem is I hanen't seen free services that support Outlook Tasks fully. For example, I can easily add my gmail account to Outlook but it doesn't support Task folders. Also, I often use Tasks as "containers" where I'll drag/drop an email message into one and it saves sort of like an attachment within the Task. It would be nice if the replacement service preserved this same Task capability.

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There is an Outlook add-on for two-way synchronization of tasks with the Remember the Milk app.

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Not sure how sophisticated are the features you're using with your tasks, but did you try using a "Hotmail/window live" account instead?

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Yes, I tried adding a Windows Live account but those don't support Tasks either. – Skeets Aug 10 '11 at 18:16

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