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I want a online GTD tool I can use on an Android phone that has the following features:

  • instant and configurable reminders such as calendar entries
  • online app with a sync feature

Do any of these solutions support integration of the Pomodoro technique with GTD?

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I don't understand how the second questions about combining GTD and Pomodoro is apropos to the first question about an all-in-one GTD app for an Android phone. Are you asking if the GTD apps people are going to recommend are also consistent with the Pomodoro technique, or are you asking a separate question about integrating GTD and Pomodoro? – Adam Wuerl Jul 21 '11 at 17:45
This question seems like it needs to be closed or merged. – Adam Wuerl Jul 21 '11 at 17:55
I hope that you are not overengineering your time management ;) – Skarab Aug 2 '11 at 1:45
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I have tried most of the GTD apps available for Android: GotToDo, Remember the milk, due today, tasklist pro, etc.

I am currently using toodledo and the android app "GotToDo", but it this system will not send me reminders.

I've decided the best solution (for me) is Remember the Milk, and the RTM blog has a great article describing how to apply GTD in Remember the Milk. Also see this productivity.SE question about How to use Remember The Milk (RTM) to implement a GTD system?

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I recently started using MyLifeOrganized. It has an Android app which currently still is in beta and can be downloaded for free. The final version will probably be a paid version.

I als tried RTM, but had difficulties configuring it to fit my GTD system.

I haven't tried ToodleDo yet.

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I'm using ToDoList. It also supports third-party plugins. Maybe at first it seems intimidating and complex but for me it is the best tool I ever used.

Thought TodoList is not a software specially made for GTD it can be used as one, for more information you could read "Getting Things Done with TodoList" blog entry.

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