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Was reading here about this technique. From my POV it only works good with a distinct min-max text width. Columns in newspapers of a with of a few centimeters (5-6) seem quite good to me. I also like reading stackexchange sites or google groups with a limited text width/forced linebreaking. Old php, vbulletin boards adapt text width to screen width, which makes Speed Reading on widescreen displays impossible.

So what is the correct text min-max range. Are there tricks/addons like Stylish for Firefox that can adjust automatically the text width of main body text on websites, blogs,... via CSS to the optimal min-max width? On the the textwidth is fixed and not changeable by decreasing window size. Imo 3/4 of current width would make it more optimal for speed reading.

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Link didn't work, can you edit to add it back in? – Adam Wuerl Jul 24 '11 at 13:00
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Readability ( is a browser addon that reformat the text to a user preset font size, column width and colors. It also gets rid of surrounding distractions. You can use it and experiment what works best for you.

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+1 thx exactly what i was looking for, there is a app for everything, you just have to find it :) – Hauser Jul 27 '11 at 13:33

Just regarding pages where the text does adjust too much to the window size:
I sometimes actually pull pages into a separate browser window, where I can then adjust the window width to get lines to a readable width.
Opera allows (or at least used to allow, when I last used it years ago) individual tabs to be resized independently of the browser window.

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