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There is a folder with nowadays quite a few zip archives of projects I have completed.

I would like to make the archive more searchable by creating a metadata file. Similar to mp3 or images, I want to add some tags and search / filter. Is there a minimalist's tool for this? I am on windows xp.

How do you archive your projects?

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Just a note, with Windows Vista, tagging became a possibility within the OS. – Raystafarian Mar 21 '14 at 12:59

How do you archive your projects?

The most important thing is to try to think about this in advance. I spend a lot of time designing my folder structure for projects whenever I start a new position.

The reason being:

  1. Almost always, people start creating folders and subfolders as needed without thinking about the longer term implications - perhaps 1-5 years - of trying to organize their files
  2. It's a huge pain to try and do a massive reorganization (especially after several years) which means it's really unlikely you will ever do this
  3. A well organized file structure which you understand can save you hours upon hours trying to find files.
  4. Ambiguous folder names (or multiple ones potentially containing the same information) are a nightmare from the long term maintenance perspective

I then try to revisit this structure periodically to ensure it is still making sense long term. Mainly from the perspective of:

  • What will make sense to "search" for in the future?
  • Will this let me find whatever projects I am currently working on?

Don't underestimate either how important clear folder names are.

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