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Context: I am working on adapting agile to my life as a student, I have even brought together a few other students to do standups and get feedback as might be found within agile.

From my experience on a software team using agile, it seems that a big part of the success of agile comes from two things.

  1. The collaborative nature of the project which agile is helping manage
  2. The management structure of the team


  1. As a group of students who are mostly in different classes and have different responsibilities (i.e. we are not really collaborating on a specific project per se). How can we focus our agile methods to so that we can still gain from agile in a group setting?
  2. As much as we are trying to give each other feedback, there is not really much accountability to a manager that will later evaluate our work. How can we ensure that the students in the group still gain from having some sort of accountability?
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What is the type of project you and your fellow students are working on? Is there even a common project? If not, agile is irrelevant. – Gruber Mar 31 '13 at 19:14
@Gruber, there is no specific project, its more a group effort for everyone to succeed academically. – Jordan Mar 31 '13 at 20:04
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Since it seems like you have formed a group in where there is minimal overlap of responsibilities and projects, your best bet would be to utilize SCRUM-like brief meetings, and highlight issues raised and resolved. Unfortunately, unrelated subjects may be harder to grasp for others in the group. You could look into creating a Wikia to use as a knowledge base to provide a reference for material for each other.

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What you can do is take inspiration from methodologies like Personal Kanban, and use boards to display your progress to each other.

The primary purpose of agile is to move away from the traditional waterfall model used in software development projects and increase project transparency and facilitate communication among project members. As such, agile is normally used to manage projects with many stakeholders, including a product owner, and many project participants. With neither of these prerequisites satisfied, agile is not really applicable for your undertaking.

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