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I recently started using a 'TODO' app (wunderlist) to keep track of tasks I need to do. I can keep personal and office stuff on it and since it syncs with my phone and home/office computers, it has been pretty convenient.

I am now looking for something similar where I can write quick notes about the work I'm doing. My plan is to write sort of an 'end-of-day' status report which contains the tasks I did and tasks I need to continue tomorrow. I'd like it to be searchable and have it sync across machines.

Does such an app exist? I know I can roll my own. Many times before I tried keeping a central record of my 'TODOs' but didn't really stick with it until I started using the wunderlist app. Curious to know what others use.

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Shazbaz, the web app weekplan allows you to manage your tasks and enter journal entries. – Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli Apr 9 '13 at 23:56
The best tool I have had for this was to set a daily reminder to fill-out my end of day report. – JeffO Apr 11 '13 at 17:37
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Try Trello. It's nice and cross-platform, and you can move your tasks from one column to another, e.g. from "TODO" to "TODO today" and then to "Completed" (or you can create your own, more suitable columns).

However, for such a simple task as end-of-day status reports a physical notepad is superior: it's always with you (or it's placed at your bed), have you a PC/phote+internet avialable or not. Even more important, it encourages more calm and thoughtful writing and planning and less distraction, than "screen-based" instruments.

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Have you heard about OhLife?

OhLife is a simple and minimal web app that lets you update your private life journal using nothing but email. To make the experience even more intuitive, OhLife also shares one of your past entries while you write a new one.


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It is very tempting to edit your link to the actual site and not some blog. – JeffO Apr 11 '13 at 17:40

I use for quick end of day recap. Free for personal use, it is also available for teams at a small fee. It sends you email at the time you request it, you respond to the email and it logs your response to a calendar available via browser. You can make multiple responses to the email and accumulate data all day if that's what you want to do. You can also enter data directly via browser. I haven't found a need for search, I don't know if it supports such a thing. There is an iCal feed, so you could let it feed into Google Calender or whatever and search there.

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If you are on a Mac or use iOS devices, DayOne is your solution. It is highly flexible and offers syncing, so I can record tasks on the go and have them on my Mac when I get back to the office. More importantly, it allows for the entry of completely free form text so you can create whatever formats best suit you.

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