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I know a case where the person is intelligent , sharp and spontaneous . She has two younger brother and sister .From childhood , her parents were too conservative . Hence she was not allowed to do much things except studying .She used too score 90+ marks in exam. But later after some time parents also became open minded . When she was in 10th standard , she got very less marks and she got depressed . Parents did not scold her .They were okay for what happened but they were upset too .

But her younger brother and sister were still doing good . But in 12 std also , she failed . She again became depressed . She attempted once more , but unable to clear the exam . Then she tried for different course entirely like aeronautical engineering depending on her 10th std marks . But there also she failed .

Now she does not study anything and is at home only watching TV . Her younger brother and sister and still doing good and placed in good companies . She wants to study , but is unable to . She feels that everybody is so younger than me . How could I study in such environment . All my friends are gone . I am alone now . She blames her parents for her situation and says that her parents did not allow her to make friends while she was in 10th std and that's why she is alone . She feels that her siblings got all the facilities but she dint get one . She has got fatter and that's why fear to go for applying in college for 12th std. she now feels jealous for her siblings and sometimes her anger shows up in domestic fights also . Please help her recover from her depression...

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I don't think we can help this person. But a secret I've learned from life is that nothing will ever get better as long as you blame your troubles on someone else. You can only fix what you do and you have to recognize that what you do needs fixing before you will. – HLGEM Apr 17 '13 at 16:48
A sad story, but way off-topic. You may be interested in looking at How to work when depressed?. – Gaʀʀʏ Apr 17 '13 at 22:38
As per comments - this is off topic here. You'd be better off looking at professional help where depression is concerned. – Rory Alsop Apr 22 '13 at 10:21

Get her some Professional help.. A counselor perhaps..!

Change the focus of her life... help her find something interesting.. some new hobbies perhaps... Cooking, crafting,crochet and what not!!

If she gets interested, she can even use them to generate income..

Let her have "good" company, people who can support her, give constructive criticism and help her enjoy her life.

She is young and has a big life ahead... Help her understand that she is in control of her life and to use time wisely... rather than spending time sulking...

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+1. From the question, it looks like the OP and the girl in question is Indian... from use of words like conservative parents, 'marks', tenth standard etc. I am Indian too, and not only are we depressed, we ignore it too. See this article, though I do not agree with the reasons provided for it. @CodeJack I hope your friend's situation improves. Going to a doctor is the best thing in such a case. – KK. Apr 18 '13 at 12:52

Create a nice environment to overcome her current situation.

Give her several resources, that may help her to overcome her current situation




Meet her with good Psychiatrist

  • A good Psychiatrist can help her better.


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