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A few months ago, I asked a Question at Workplace on skills advancement, in short I started my career as PHP developer and I'm now interested in RAILS development. I've spent some time learning rails and now I believe I am in a position to understand the ruby code.

I followed zombies tutorials, codecademy tutorials, and have been though the Agile and dev books.

Now the problem is that, as I added RAILS in my resume and I am getting calls on the basis but when they came to know that I am not a proper RAILS developer then no one actually is taking me seriously they only count me as a PHP developer, I asked from few of my friends and they are suggesting me to do freelancing work, but I am not counting it in my option as 1)Most of the projects are deadline specific and require team efforts(I am a single man army) 2)I dont want to cheat them by making false promises just for my own sake.

I am familiar with git and already asked a question specific to it.

I tried Meetup as well but it is not active in my geographic location :(

So my question, Is their an online RAILS community or any other community/website where I can volunteer my spare time and enhance my rails skills at the same time.

NOTE- To my best I tried to explain all my concerning points, but still if something is unclear please let me know I will surely do the edits :)

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@Joe Thx for the sounds much better and practical now :) – swapnesh Apr 19 '13 at 19:16

To answer your question

So my question, Is their any online RAILS community or any other community/website for such things where I can volunteer my spare time and in the mean time it will enhance my rails skills

Look up github, they have a languages page where you can browse projects by language. It will take hours, maybe even days, before you find a project you really want to work on.

Also, if you are learning ruby, look for existing libraries and wrappers (modules whatever) and try contributing to them.

To quote from the linked question..

There are hundreds - if not thousands - of Rails (or better, Ruby) projects on Github. If you haven't found any, look harder.

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Thanks for the answer..basically for PHP we rarely use git here so its just a matter of time that few things remain unopened for me which might be very common for others..+1 for the language page source(i really don't know about this..will look more into it) – swapnesh Apr 18 '13 at 4:01

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