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Currently I use sheet of paper, pencil and eraser; but it is just a bit tedious; especially when making things more detailed.

Just text example with different levels of detail:

  • Drink water from bottle
  • Drink water from bottle
    • (Take bottle -> Open it -> Drink)
  • Drink water from bottle
    • (Take bottle -> Open it (Unscrew the lid -> Put it aside, don't lose it)
      • -> Drink (Move bottle to mouth -> ...))

And so on...

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How do you want to consider dependency? I also would like to have a "todo-list"-manager which has some low level project management tools (like Gantt-Charts, Dependencies, estimation of project duration, etc.) on board... I did not find anything like that up to now. There are free project management tools like OpenProj or TaskJuggler, which might help. – MostlyHarmless Jul 26 '11 at 18:29
some hints about your operating system of choice might be helpful. – MostlyHarmless Jul 26 '11 at 18:30
@misha, I know some companies that use custom software to create such content, here in Japan. It would be really nice to have something open-source. I have a really good design for a software like that, but I stopped development about a year ago because I had very little free time and needed to spend it elsewhere. :) I still have some interesting stuff in my notebooks, though. – Wolfpack'08 Oct 21 '11 at 10:18


there are lot of plugins, but im not sure about the exact functionality you are asking for. Should be foldable or the single -> x -> editable in fast way? Imo tiddlywiki can do this with the right plugin easily.

Also there is

Aibase Concept Manager

Its not for free but imo the best and most powerful knowledge managment tool. You have nesting, folding for items, easy editable, svg graphics (export to html), printable.

Just go in Aibase Menu -> Document Settings -> Edit behaviour -> activate collapse-tree and you folding buttons in the svg image. Then just nest all the items you want to add into an already existing item. The usable colors make it also much easier to memorize.

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For structuring information (splitting each task in sub-tasks...) you could use a

Some task managing applications also can handle sub-tasks, e. g. Omnifocus and Thinking Rock (see this discussion here: Todo list manager that lets you queue next actions out of sight).

If you want to go more into details of planning, a project management application like MS Project or one of the free alternatives like TaskJuggler, OpenProj or OpenWorkbench might help.

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Toodledo, unfortunately you can have only two levels of task. However, you can have short term goals if it are largers projects.

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The model you describe above is a project/actions/sub-action workflow and if works perfectly on IQTELL.

IQTELL manages all your tasks, projects, emails, calendars, Evernote notes and folders and much more on one app. You can create out of emails actions or projects, connect them to calendar items and customize the apps fields and workflows.

Currently there are web, iOS and Android app you can check for additional details here:

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