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I am interested in any ideas on interesting activities or discussions we could do/have while together. Also any tips on how to effectively run a mastermind group and ensure our members get the maximum benefit.

All of us are in our twenties, running our own business or in a career good growth prospects and we would like this to be a place were we can: 1. learn new things, expand our general and business knowledge 2. develop skills like public speaking 3. set goals and be accountable to each other 4. help each other by listening to one another's problems and offering suggestions or advice 5. brainstorming ideas

While we know what we want to achieve we have little experience in how to start. What kinds of activities could be run to help achieve the above mentioned goals of this group?

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I used to run a mastermind group myself and I structure the meetings this way:

Each participant comes with a challenge he faces in his business. The group has 15 minutes to discuss the issue and suggest solutions.

Then it is the next participant's turn. Etc...

I wrote how we did it more in details on my blog: Founder Mastermind Breakfast

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