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I'm looking for computer-based The Pomodoro Technique timers with rational that provide cross-platform compatibility. It should not be restricted to a single Windows edition. Currently, I'm using Focus Booster because of its simplicity, but I don't like how it requires Adobe AIR.

Google repeats the same timers over and over again often with a lack of features or experience, and I would like to see more specific options. So, which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features?

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Did you use Focus Booster or just liked the software layout? Adobe AIR isn't something you have to learn to use so it shouldn't be complicated. –  Renan Jul 27 '11 at 13:17
I've edited to make the question generic to any computer-based timer so that we don't have multiple questions: one for windows, one for OS X, one for iOS, one for Linux, etc. Better to have folks recommend timers they like and then indicate OS compatibility as the answers will become more of a resource for someone interested in finding a timer, with the most comprehensive and canonical survey of timing programs hopefully earning the most votes in time. This is also why I removed the recommendation for one timer per answer. Poll type questions are now discouraged in favor of complete answers. –  Adam Wuerl Aug 4 '11 at 21:17
@Adam Wuerl "edited to make the question generic". Sometimes having separate questions for each OS is beneficial. Consider this: if you were looking for a timer for OS X, would you really want to wade through a dozen answers for Windows software just to find one relevant answer for Mac? . Is it common practice to completely rewrite a person's post? This rewrite completely changes the original intent and removes any humor which had made reading it more enjoyable. If anything, I was hoping a moderator would turn this into a community wiki, but I didn't want to bother you by flagging it so. –  Dubs Aug 8 '11 at 15:20

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Let's share with you my pomodoro timer named PomoQQ that I developed since I was disappointed by the lack of the auto-starting of pomodoros and breaks feature in other pomodoro timer softwares.

It was then added to this new project. Let's even say that I am using it for a while now and this so simple feature helps a lot to keep using the pomodoro technique during all the day and helps respect the defined time-frame for breaks (cf. 5 and 15 minutes).

(roughly 25 pomodoros per day for me ;))


PomoQQ PomoQQ PomoQQ

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I'd like to suggest Focus Timer for Mac. I'm the developer of this app and i'm using it every day.

The main idea behind this timer is that you should not be distracted be the timer app itself, unlike most timers do. To achieve that timer have no sophisticated interface - just a few buttons.

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So for OS X there's also this Pomodoro Timer app


  • Shows remaining time

  • Customizable Length

  • Nice UI



  • High Price(It was 1.99 but I figure they've increased the price which is a little bit ridiculous now for such a simple App)
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Menubar Countdown:


  • Works on OS X

  • Simple And Customizable

  • Free

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It seems that no one mentioned Marinara Timer yet and it's pretty powerful as it lets you customise the length of each pomodoro and rest, adjust the sounds played and even provides you with a global URL so that you can easily use it on multiple devices in sync at the same time.

To use, simply go to marinaratimer.com/ANYURL

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Very surprised to not see any mention of Pomotodo so far, considering I had to look into the second page too!

Pomotodo is two things: a pomodoro timer/logger, and a TODO list. Part of the reason I've been using it for so long is because I've never been satisfied with a single program for each... but this one works well if you're a fan of TODO-lists.

It's free, and seemingly only updated by one Chinese developer, but there's recently been a subscription service that adds some beta features, like different clock sounds, weekly emails of your progress, hashtag tracking...

I really like it. But honestly, I'm not sure how to go about recommending getting the subscription (it's cheap at least) as I'm forgetful about what I got.

I'll update this post if this strangely specific app looks interesting to anybody, but I'm in a small hurry & kinda doubt that something better hasn't been mentioned...

Stats page:

stats page

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There is an webapp called Pomotasker that can work on desktop and mobile browsers. Also it can store your task on the cloud, so that you can start your pomodoro on desktop and continue on mobile. Or you can use it as I do: add tasks on mobile before you forget and you'll have your task list ready when you get to your desk. Currently on beta but I'haven't encounter any bugs.

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I use TeamViz to manage my tasks and time them as per the Pomodoro Technique. It has a pretty slick drag and drop interface for managing tasks. It also has a syncing option which enables me to use it in my office as well as at home. It also generates graphs of your activites. The best thing I like about it is that it's available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux as well. I personally have tested it on Mac OS X (at my office) and Ubuntu (at home), and it works fine. You may download it here.

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One of my company's development teams created a browser-based version called Marinara Timer that allows you to tweak the length of the pomodoro and breaks. We just put it up so people outside the company can use it. You can even share the link to your team so you're all on the same timer.

I'd love your feedback.

Marinara Timer

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Check out mypomodoro

Windows and OS X

It is not only a timer, but has all the options that the pomodoro technique specifies.

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I use three timers.

  • My phone. Google's default Android Clock app.
  • Google search. Just search for "timer 5 min" and a timer with a 5 minute counter will appear.
  • My watch.
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I've just released Pommie for iPhone and iPad:

  • Simple, distraction-free and intuitive interface
  • Audio and visual alerts when the next period starts
  • Over 35 alert sounds to choose from
  • Configurable work and break durations
  • Today view widget
  • Open, pause or stop the timer directly from iOS notifications
  • Dynamic Text and VoiceOver for the visually impaired

Pommie Timer

Pommie Widget

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I suggest to consider 15 minutes to be a very easy-to-use Windows and Mac application.


  • It uses intervals that are not typical to the Pomodoro Technique which can't be changed
  • The only available actions are 'Start', 'Stop', and 'Pause'.


Windows Screenshot

Mac: Mac Screenshot

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I like the more minimal approaches with no big window on screen. The Activity Timer - Pomodoro Edition is here really smooth.

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It looks like this is Apple only, and the OP specifically asked that provide cross-platform compatibility. –  Jan Doggen Mar 3 at 8:36

If you're into physical devices, I like having one of these on my desk:


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