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I'm looking for computer-based The Pomodoro Technique timers with rational that provide cross-platform compatibility. It should not be restricted to a single Windows edition. Currently, I'm using Focus Booster because of its simplicity, but I don't like how it requires Adobe AIR.

Google repeats the same timers over and over again often with a lack of features or experience, and I would like to see more specific options. So, which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features?

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Due to the large number of answers, I am adding an answer index here. This list is in chronological order. If you answer this question, please add your entry into this list at the bottom. Also, make sure that your suggestion hasn't already been added.

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Did you use Focus Booster or just liked the software layout? Adobe AIR isn't something you have to learn to use so it shouldn't be complicated. – Renan Jul 27 '11 at 13:17
I use Quick Timer desktop gadget for Windows 7. It includes 2 simple countdown timers and nothing else. – Kaitnieks Jul 27 '11 at 18:20
I've edited to make the question generic to any computer-based timer so that we don't have multiple questions: one for windows, one for OS X, one for iOS, one for Linux, etc. Better to have folks recommend timers they like and then indicate OS compatibility as the answers will become more of a resource for someone interested in finding a timer, with the most comprehensive and canonical survey of timing programs hopefully earning the most votes in time. This is also why I removed the recommendation for one timer per answer. Poll type questions are now discouraged in favor of complete answers. – Adam Wuerl Aug 4 '11 at 21:17
@Jeanne: As you are a moderator, I would suggest you to read Good Subjective, Bad Subjective. This question is not constructive; "and say why you like that software" does not add any learning value, because you don't learn anything from subjective opinions. If the first hit on Google for "Pomodoro Timers" gives me useful results, then what's the use of this question? – Tom Wijsman Aug 7 '11 at 21:13
@Adam Wuerl "edited to make the question generic". Sometimes having separate questions for each OS is beneficial. Consider this: if you were looking for a timer for OS X, would you really want to wade through a dozen answers for Windows software just to find one relevant answer for Mac? . Is it common practice to completely rewrite a person's post? This rewrite completely changes the original intent and removes any humor which had made reading it more enjoyable. If anything, I was hoping a moderator would turn this into a community wiki, but I didn't want to bother you by flagging it so. – Dubs Aug 8 '11 at 15:20

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Yet another answer -

Pomello - Best pomodoro app I have come across so far.

Pomello turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro® tasks. It stays on top of your windows to help you stay focused on the task at hand.

enter image description here

YAPA - Yet Another Pomodoro Application

Its minimalistic app written in WPF with source code available in GitHub. So you can can customize it if you like.

Some features as described by the author-

  • Configurable periods
  • Sound control
  • Pomodoro™ counter :)
  • Shows period progress on taskbar
  • Control app using taskbar jumplist
  • Select opacity for timer
  • Select light or dark theme for timer
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amazing application. really fully featured – petsagouris Feb 27 '15 at 20:35

Minuteur (for Mac) is excellent for Pomodoro, having all of the qualities Francisco Cirillo recommends.

It makes a good ticking sound, and it puts a visual/spatial indicator of time remaining in the menu bar.

Furthremore, it is easy to create a preset for 25 minutes and one for 5 minutes. (Or if you prefer to "physically" set it yourself, you can "physically" drag the timer to the setting you want.

..And, makes a good solid ring.

I have been using it for this, for several years.

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Hi I'm not sure if this is of interest to you, but I'm currently working on a Pomodoro online timer, check it out at I'm currently thinking of new features to put into it, so any suggestions would be welcome.

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Let's share with you my pomodoro timer named PomoQQ that I developed since I was disappointed by the lack of the auto-starting of pomodoros and breaks feature in other pomodoro timer softwares.

It was then added to this new project. Let's even say that I am using it for a while now and this so simple feature helps a lot to keep using the pomodoro technique during all the day and helps respect the defined time-frame for breaks (cf. 5 and 15 minutes).

(roughly 25 pomodoros per day for me ;))

PomoQQ PomoQQ PomoQQ

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I'd like to suggest Focus Timer for Mac. I'm the developer of this app and i'm using it every day.

The main idea behind this timer is that you should not be distracted be the timer app itself, unlike most timers do. To achieve that timer have no sophisticated interface - just a few buttons.

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So for OS X there's also this Pomodoro Timer app


  • Shows remaining time

  • Customizable Length

  • Nice UI



  • High Price(It was 1.99 but I figure they've increased the price which is a little bit ridiculous now for such a simple App)
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Menubar Countdown:


  • Works on OS X

  • Simple And Customizable

  • Free

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It seems that no one mentioned Marinara Timer yet and it's pretty powerful as it lets you customise the length of each pomodoro and rest, adjust the sounds played and even provides you with a global URL so that you can easily use it on multiple devices in sync at the same time.

To use, simply go to

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There is an webapp called Pomotasker that can work on desktop and mobile browsers. Also it can store your task on the cloud, so that you can start your pomodoro on desktop and continue on mobile. Or you can use it as I do: add tasks on mobile before you forget and you'll have your task list ready when you get to your desk. Currently on beta but I'haven't encounter any bugs.

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One of my company's development teams created a browser-based version called Marinara Timer that allows you to tweak the length of the pomodoro and breaks. We just put it up so people outside the company can use it. You can even share the link to your team so you're all on the same timer.

I'd love your feedback.

Marinara Timer

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Build Focus

Build Focus is a pomodoro timer, with built-in blocking, built around a city simulator.

The city simulator itself is the pretty key part here: every time you complete a pomodoro your city gets a new building, or upgrade, but every time you get distracted a random building is demolished. Remarkably quickly the feedback loop means you get to the point where you start typing "faceboo..." into your address bar, and you glance at the Build Focus icon to check if it's safe, realise what you're doing, and go back to getting work done. For me it's a remarkably effective way to actually stick with my pomodoros without getting distracted.


  • Currently Chrome-only, Firefox coming very soon, then mobile too
  • Free
  • Blocks pages as well as providing timing notifications
  • Way more addictive than other pomodoro timers (and getting addicted to successfully concentrating is no bad thing)

Build Focus screenshot

(Disclaimer: I built Build Focus)

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You should mention that its currently in private alpha, e.g. one can't really use it right away. – 0x6d64 Jan 24 at 16:51

Pomodoro Timer Lite - Using Bootstrap CSS

I built a basic and clean Pomdoro Timer as a pet project, for me and my friends.


  1. 25:00 mins - Standard Timer
  2. 05:00 mins - Short Break
  3. 15:00 mins - Long Break
  4. Simple and Clean User Interface
  5. HTML5 App - Works on any device with latest browser. No installation needed
  6. Responsive Design - Adjusts to both Mobile and Desktop Browsers
  7. Hosted on GitHub - You can fork and contribute to the project


Desktop Browser

Desktop browser preview

Mobile Browser

Mobile browser preview

Please note that, it still needs some improvements, and I am working on it.

If you find some issues, you can please leave your feedback here: Submit Issue. (You will need a account for it)

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@dostiharise Thanks for suggesting the features. Jan-Doggen Thanks for leaving a comment, do you consider the answer appropriate now? Please let me know. – navyaganduri Feb 1 at 9:35

PomoDone -

enter image description here

Has been my favorite desktop solution. They have informed me of a mobile version in the works. I use it because it syncs todos from my other accounts like wunderlist, trello, and todoist. It also free!

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I like PomodoroPro for iPhone

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Why do you like it? Sharing more information (or even summarizing the link), gives a more useful answer. – Jeanne Boyarsky Jan 13 '13 at 2:28

Check out mypomodoro

Windows and OS X

It is not only a timer, but has all the options that the pomodoro technique specifies.

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I use three timers.

  • My phone. Google's default Android Clock app.
  • Google search. Just search for "timer 5 min" and a timer with a 5 minute counter will appear.
  • My watch.
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I've just released Pommie for iPhone and iPad:

  • Simple, distraction-free and intuitive interface
  • Audio and visual alerts when the next period starts
  • Over 35 alert sounds to choose from
  • Configurable work and break durations
  • Today view widget
  • Open, pause or stop the timer directly from iOS notifications
  • Dynamic Text and VoiceOver for the visually impaired

Pommie Timer

Pommie Widget

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I got into the pomodoro technique after using focus@will. It's a service (not free, but not very expensive), which lets you play music that is optimized for productivity.

The focus@will user interface

The pomodoro timer is exceedingly simple, but does the job very well. It has a productivity tracker that lets you keep track of how focused you are, but that's about it.

Again, it's not free, and its main use is as a music player, but for me it works really well.

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enter image description here

Sexy Time Productivity - A Pomodoro timer with built in binaural audio to drown out distractions. It's a web app.

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I suggest to consider 15 minutes to be a very easy-to-use Windows and Mac application.


  • It uses intervals that are not typical to the Pomodoro Technique which can't be changed
  • The only available actions are 'Start', 'Stop', and 'Pause'.


Windows Screenshot

Mac: Mac Screenshot

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I updated the post with the software's limitations. This is almost completely incompatible with Pomodoro Technique. – Renan Dec 1 '12 at 21:17

I like the more minimal approaches with no big window on screen. The Activity Timer - Pomodoro Edition is here really smooth.

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It looks like this is Apple only, and the OP specifically asked that provide cross-platform compatibility. – Jan Doggen Mar 3 '15 at 8:36
Ups. Didn't recognise this... Sorry. +1 – High6 Mar 3 '15 at 10:13

If you're into physical devices, I like having one of these on my desk:

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-1 The question is explicit about computer-based devices only. – Renan Dec 1 '12 at 21:24

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