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I am looking forward to migrate fully to Asana from Things because of pricing/costs reasons. What I have right now in Things (for Mac) is :

  • Today
  • Next
  • Scheduled
  • Someday
  • Projects

I have never used "Areas of responsibility" as I find them completely useless.

My walkthrough when having a new project in Things is :

  • I create a new project for [P] Personal or [W] Work to make them clear out from in first sight. That means that I can have a project [P] Clean my room or [P] Update my Linkedin profile and [W] Send report to Manager.

I am confused with Asana's workspaces. All I want is to have several projects with multiple tasks and subtasks. What am I thinking is :

  • create a Workspace called "[P] Projects" and another one "[W] Projects". Then each project will contain its tasks having them all in one "workspace" place. The cons are that I won't be able to break down projects to smaller ones, as the video about project management in asana help videos shows. The only way is to have labels by pressing ":" at the end of each task group.

  • create a separate workspace for each big project. That will be hell. Asana's left column seems the only negative aspect to me, where you can't view the tasks of all workspaces in one place. Also, If I have 30 workspaces/projects, it seems VERY hard to follow with every one of them and hunt deadlines.

Also, there are no menus for GTD in Asana like "today", "next", "someday", etc.

If you use Asana, how do you do it ?

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This doesn't answer your question, but I just can't understand why you would move to a tool which doesn't have the functions you know you already need. Choose your tool based on functions, don't move and then see if you can make it fit your needs... – Rory Alsop May 15 '13 at 15:44
because I have tried almost any software out there and it's the only professional - free for most of the functions - cross compatible todo/project management of them. This doesn't mean it's perfect but I can suit it more to my needs. – Radolino May 15 '13 at 18:02
okay - that makes sense. Thanks. – Rory Alsop May 15 '13 at 19:17
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I use the first approach (one Workspace for everything). This makes searching much easier. I have tons of projects which I treat as context (calls, shopping, etc). This makes it easy to group things - especially since one task can belong to multiple projects. You can also use the GTD labels by clicking the blue icon on the My Tasks screen. There's one each for Today, Upcoming and Later. They also have keyboard shortcuts.

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So you have 2 workspaces because the default one won't let you set tags (...I am wondering why). Also, having 10s of projects in only one workspace, doesn't seem confusing? – Radolino Jun 25 '13 at 7:45
Yes but I only use the one. I like having lots of projects. Usually I'm in "my tasks" which spans across projects. I use projects as context so if I'm working on task X (e.g. a call) I can quickly see what other tasks are related (e.g. other calls to make) – dough Jun 25 '13 at 17:33
What do you mean "lots of projects" ? Asana in their project management help video shows that they suggest us having 3 "projects" for every real life project we have. This seems almost identical to scrum and means that you need a product backlog, a sprint planner and a project planner for each real project. If you have 10 projects (I have 35-40) you will need 3*10=30 ones in a single workspace which seems absolutely not manageable to me... – Radolino Jun 26 '13 at 6:15
I thought this question was about using Asana for your personal life management. Are you talking about project management for an enterprise? – dough Jun 26 '13 at 17:06
I am trying to organise my personal life with some kind of scrum using Asana. – Radolino Jun 27 '13 at 7:34

Great question! I'm newer to Asana as well...also migrating from Things, but am loving the potential offered by Asana. Seems to be flawless too in terms of instant updates across all devices and browsers. While built for teams and organizations I do use it primarily for my own personal and business use. I also shared selected tasks with my assistant and have a separate 'Project' area for all of the tasks I intend to have my assistant do.

At first when I was setting up separate Workspaces for personal and business. Since I was recently involved in 2-3 businesses I thought it made sense to keep them separated that way. However, it only took a day or two to realize it would be much more effective for me to consolidate everything into ONE workspace. The default personal workspace is useless, in my opinion, as it gives you no tagging ability. So, I simply created a second workspace and titled it PERSONAL & BUSINESS.

I have separate "Projects" for home, office, errands, meetings & events, calls as well as a separate project for each business I am a part of. Everything assigned to me will show up in My Tasks that has been assigned to me and I use the Labels option to further organize the various tasks within the different views. Still playing around with the best way to do this as I don't want to create unnecessary redundancy in the application. But since I too use the My Tasks view quite a bit for my TODAY items that I am working on, I have Labels there as well for Home, Office, Errands, Calls, etc. The bottom Label is titled "To be categorized". That way any tasks in the My Tasks view which are newly created or not yet prioritized or assigned can go there.

Ultimately I see it working best by using the TODAY section in my tasks, then review all projects at the end of each day to organize, clean up and determine the top priorities for the next day. There is so much you can do with this that it can be a little tricky finding the right balance between simplicity and organization.

I also like all the keyboard shortcuts and recommend learning those and memorizing the most commonly used ones as it will save a lot of time...over time.



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this is the exact way I am using it ! Why do they keep the personal workspace as it has no tagging ? It is useless.. Also ALL IN ONE workspace works perfectly. It could be nice to have different workspaces but also the ability to view tasks from all of them in a list... – Radolino Sep 26 '13 at 6:25

Here's how I use Asana for GTD:

  • I keep all the tasks in one Asana workspace.
  • I use Asana projects for GTD projects
  • I use Asana tags for GTD contexts

I have a separate workspace that I use to keep track of lists that do not contain actionable items.

In addition to Asana I have an archive box with hanging folders in my home office that I use to store papers for various projects. I also use a pen and notebook as an inbox for when I'm not at the computer (for instance I keep the notebook beside my bed at night). I copy stuff from the notebook the next time I'm at a keyboard and have access to Asana.

I am considering getting a second archive folder box to use as a tickler file.

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