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I am looking for an all encompassing app which allows me to handle the my calendar (with mobile reminders) and my "scrap notes" (to-do lists, links I want to check out in the future, cool stuff I find around the internet).

To explain a little further, I want to be reminded (especially on my mobile phone) of my well planned out calendar tasks: ("Return library books.") and my leisure general future stuff: ("Learn more about improving my posture.")

My current method is terrible and involves Apple Calendar along with scattered Reminders lists, plain text files in my Dropbox, starred Gmail email, and links in my Bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

I don't think Evernote has robust enough calendar/alert support for me.

I currently use a Mac computer and iPhone. Just today, I've started exploring OmniFocus, which has a steep price tag. Do you have any other suggestions?

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I use the combination of ToodleDo and Pocket Informant Pro. Works on all platforms and synchronizes. I only use Google Calendar. There may well be other solutions. Maybe it pays off to ask the Evernote directly for their recommendations. There was contribution explaining how to implement GTD on top of Evernote. But I lost track of this one.

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Take another look at Evernote. They just recently rolled out a product update that includes reminders, see Since that first rollout, they have updated the Android and Windows Phone versions to include reminders, and I expect work is in progress on all their other platforms.

I use Remember The Milk as my task list, and it has a new integration that links directly to Evernote's reminders. See for more information. It is working well for me.

As a final link, RTM provides ical links for lists, which I connect to my Google Calendar. So I see my tasks, including reminders that originated in Evernote, there as well.

All of these tools are platform agnostic, or implemented on multiple platforms. I can't yet set Evernote reminders using the native Windows application, but I can do it with a web browser. Or my iOS and Android devices. And I see the results of the reminders in RTM and Google Calendar, regardless of how I'm looking at them. I'm still working out how best to use the Evernote reminders, but they are working well so far for the way I think I want to use them.

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