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Somebody cheated on me. I can't do anything. I want to throw away my frustration. Is there any website or something where I can tell truth to the world. I want people to be aware of that guy. I know him on facebook and other social networks but I cant write on his public wall. He is just too good for unknown people.

Should I stay quiet and let him cheat other people?

I can't concentrate on my work and really want to throw away my frustration.

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Whether to share or not is out of scope for this site. Regardless, you need to move on so you can concentrate. Write something down. On paper. Don't share it; you can decide whether to do later when you are less upset. Talk to friends/vent. Punch something if it makes you feel better. Try to practice concentrating on something fun like watching tv or reading before working.

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+1 Totally agree. Don't do anything when in this frustration - wait until calm, so you don't regret it later. Useful activities can include a good workout. I like to go for a run or play some loud rock guitar if I have encountered a major frustration during my day - it really helps! – Rory Alsop May 23 '13 at 12:45
+1 Also Worth reading - which talks about things that have been scientifically shown to work (the writing down) and the things that have been scientifically shown not to (the hitting things, which feels like it's helping, but turns out not to...) – Joe May 23 '13 at 17:02

Best thing to do is to move on. Forgive yourself and realize that getting cheated on or used is something that happened to a lot of people and will continue to happen and there is nothing you can possibly do to erradicate it. The only thing in your power is let go.

Now if you know for sure he is gonna hurt someone specific, you can try and warn that person

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I think you want to get back at him, or prevent him from doing it again, and you want to move on with your life and work.

My suggestion would be to free yourself of him and what he does. Do no try change him or save the world from what he does, did, or might do. If you can accept that you don't have any control over his behaviour it should make it easier for you to forget about him and focus on your work.

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Ignore it. I know this is difficult, but it's the only thing that will make things better.

Very often, the reason people become monsters is in the process of trying to slay another monster. He probably had a tough time with someone in his past and is doing this because he feels it as justice to what someone else did to him.

He'll mess up one day and karma will get back at him. Or he will simply be locked into a miserable existence where he has to keep dodging people. If you're lucky, karma will let you witness his fall, but it's just better to focus on things that make you happy, than things that make you upset.

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